The music industry is obsessed with love. Songs about love reach #1 on the charts over and over again. But the type of love sung about is often more like compulsion, neediness, personal inadequacy, idealization of another, mystery, novelty, unavailability, codependency and actually the opposite of love.

Most of the love songs from way back when until current times consist of idealized versions of intimacy and love, unrequited and painful suffering in the throes of love, wanting and longing to receive someone else’s love, or even the sentiment that one cannot go on living or is not worthy of anything without love.

Many of us do believe that without the love, loyalty, companionship and passionately intimate connection with the partner or partners of our choice, that we will suffer interminable emotional pain. And, if we believe that we cannot thrive without the love of another person external to us, we may feel wonderful when we have a committed partner and miserable when we are not connected with someone we can call our own “partner,” “spouse,” “special friend,” or “lover.”

My Healing Through Love Seminar Series is a gentle reminder and reinforcement that love is a healing force and that we begin the healing process within our own self. When we look for love outside our self we may actually find it, for a while, but that love we are seeking will not and cannot last unless we heal our capacity for love within our own self.

All of us need to be reminded, often and consistently, that every part of us is good and worthy of love. Every one of us deserves to be able to give and receive love openly and freely. Let the following words become your personal mantras.

From This is My Story in Yorinda Wanner’s blog at She has written the following words that each and every one of us can use as healing through love mantras every single day. Her words were written for her own healing process yet they transcend any one individual.

“It was a lie that only the ‘good’ parts of you are lovable and that you deserved a beating for being late, swearing once and failing the math test.

You deserve to be loved, you deserve to express yourself, all of you. You have a right to be here and to be loved even when you make mistakes.

You deserve praise, well done, ooohs and aaahs for your efforts even though they don’t hit the mark of what society expects.

All of your efforts deserve to be acknowledged.

You have a right to express, voice your side of the story, to be heard, to be taken into consideration.

You have a right to ask for your story to be heard, your perspective to be seen, your feelings to be expressed.

You have a right to stand up for yourself and express what you think, believe in and what you feel.

You have a right to set boundaries, to say no, to question, to bring things out in the open.

You have a right to be treated fairly, to have your share, to ask for what you want.

You deserve to stand up and be counted.

You are a unique expression of the divine and you deserve to be here.

You are welcome.

You are a treasure, a gift.

Your unique expression is a valuable contribution to humanity.”

Healing through love is a journey toward discovering, uncovering, unraveling and revealing the love within and for our own self first. We are all worthy of love.

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Dr. Erica Goodstone, a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert, Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist, helps men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. Her unique mind body awareness method brings new profound understanding and personal acceptance into her clients' lives. Her books will literally transform the way you think about and handle your relationships to your self and to everyone else. Schedule a session and find out more at Get one of her free reports and access to her newsletters and upcoming events at