Having chosen your most important question, see the previous articles in this series, there are some crucial related questions for you to answer.

Actions have Consequences
Are you prepared to pay the price? Your actions will provide the answer in due course, yet to ensure your future has some resemblance to your goals and dreams, the secret of success is to answer it now - in advance.

There's a price for everything, not necessarily in time or money. The price is often paid in broken dreams, an unsatisfactory life, and undesirable circumstances. Paying the price is inevitable, which is another way of saying that actions have consequences.

There are consequences to everything. Each and every action you perform has consequences; even inaction has a consequence, it usually results in nothing changing.

Can you Afford NOT to Do It?
Let's explore another question which can change your life. This question is closely related to the first one: Can you afford NOT to invest the time and energy to do it?

This one arises from that magnificent insight: All actions have consequences, yet some consequences are more desirable than others. And some are more arduous!

A business client once asked, "How come we never have time to do it right first time round, but we always have the time to do it over?" What a glorious question. Shame he didn't put in the energy to answer it, or that his boss didn't recognize its power!

It's been said that questions are more important that the answers. Could this be because questions make you think deeply in order to come up with the answer? So invest all the necessary time and energy into your answers to these questions.

Ensure your Answers are Real
When your answer starts "Of course..." it's an answer from your self sabotage mechanism. These questions don't ask what you should do, they only ask about reality, what you do do. Life has no "of course" about it, there's only reality - your choices and what actually happens.

So the final questions to change your life are: Are you prepared to act on your answer? and: Which sort of consequences do you wish for in your future?

There are many answers to this last question, but they are chosen by your actions, not by your words. This secret of success is not to self sabotage by thinking that your words give your answer. Your answer is given by the actions you take, it's found in your resultant circumstances.

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Food for Thought
"Short-term comfort for long-term trouble is not the trade you're looking for. The easy way is not the easy way!"
- Richard Bach, American navy and air force pilot, author of the inspirational best-seller, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

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