I currently am interviewing seven candidates for a marriage and family therapy associate in my practice when I chanced upon Andrew Miller’s article on the 3 Attributes to Look For In Top Talent.

According to Miller, the top talent has the right blend of 1) attitude, 2) mindset, and 3) competency.

The framework simplified evaluating the applicants. Hiring the wrong person costs lots of money and adds stress. Leverage involves knowing how to attract great employees.

Easier said than done…

My husband’s friend with a bustling law practice warned that only one in three employees will work out. The three-in-one ratio held true in my business.
In retrospect, I can see where the failed hires lacked one or more attributes—attitude, mindset, and competency. Those who lack the passion for the opportunity and the company, jump ship at the first shinier options – and didn’t have the courtesy of returning the key. Others had an immature mindset only seeing their needs and not the needs of the organization and how they fit within it. And my spouse knows the perils of hiring help with bad grammar(compentency) for an admin position, that just couldn’t be overcome.
I’ve experienced bad and good hires and want to make this next one hit the mark.

Like everything, the energy you send out reflects the kind of energy people attracted to you will have. Being clear how to attract great employees and what to look for in applicants draws in those you want and repels those who wouldn’t benefit your organization.

So an even better tool for making sure you are attracting the right person to your enterprise is to see where you rank when it comes to your sweet spot of attitude, mindset, and competency. You will attract who you are.

Here’s a self-assessment:
1) Attitude
Do you have a passion for your organization?
Do you have a clear vision of what your business is trying to accomplish?
Are you excited about what you do?

2) Mindset
Do you collaborate well?
Are you always growing and looking for ways to improve?
Are you trying to have the most impact possible or are you holding back?

3) Competency
Are you lacking in key skills and competencies you need to do your job?
Do you have the ability to learn the necessary new skills?
On the path to success you will contract or hire others to support you. Get working on these trio of success and you will attract the right person to take you and your business to the next level.

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tip: Write down your answers to the self-assessment. Circle and create an action plan to overcome anything holding you back from Top Talent status.

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