The following article talks about the top 8 design ideas for bathroom remodel in NYC to give a new appeal to your bathroom interior.

Revamping the interior of your bathroom can be a great way to change the look of your entire household. Alongside that, an updated bathroom interior can also increase the value of your home while enhancing the overall décor of the place. But what will be the best design for your bathroom remodel in NYC?

Let’s dive into the top 8 design ideas for your bathroom interior in the following article.

The top 8 design ideas for bathroom remodel in NYC you should try in your interior décor

Decorating a bathroom can be a great way to kickstart remodeling your overall interior décor. Also, an updated bathroom interior can add value to your overall household. All you’ll have to do is be sure that you’re choosing the right décor upgrade for your bathroom remodel in NYC.

Here’re the top 8 design trends for bathroom interiors you can try,

1. Industrial bathroom design:

This design can help you increase the industrial aesthetic of your bathroom décor.

To create this look, experts would go for exposed pipes and beams and use mismatched materials and fixtures. This will add a dynamic decorative look to your interior.

2. Traditional powder room design:

For this bathroom remodel in NYC, you don’t have to choose a new theme for your bathroom.

All you’ll have to do is update the features of the traditional bathroom to create a welcoming yet renovated ambiance in your décor. Materials like oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and ceramic tiles can transform your bathroom into a traditional powder room.

3. Italian villa-type bathroom design:

Are you a fan of Venetian or Tuscan-inspired settings?

Adding sunflower-colored tiles or paint to your bathroom walls can give it an Italian villa-type vibe. A marble basin and tub can also add a luxurious touch to your Italian bathroom when paired with antique gold or bronze-colored fixtures.

4. Eco-friendly bathroom design:

Investing in bamboo flooring and binds can help you create an eco-friendly look for your bathroom remodel in NYC.

You can also invest in bamboo-made water-conserving pots for your bathroom décor and opt for wooden vanity tops and soap holders.

5. Modern-sleek bathroom design:

Do you want to create a modern look in your bathroom décor?

All you’ll have to do is invest in a white tub and toilet along with gray walls and slate flooring. Opting for this minimalist look is perfect for modern households.

6. Bohemian bathroom design:

Creating an eclectic look for your bathroom remodel in NYC can add a chic Bohemian touch to the interior.

Opting for a free-standing tub and patterned-rug tiled flooring with a light blonde vanity top and shelves for air-purifying plants (aloe vera or eucalyptus) can do the job.

7. Moroccan spa-like bathroom design:

By investing in hanging lanterns and a sunken tub, you can make your bathroom décor look like a romantic Moroccan spa.

Experts suggest this design is ideal for master bathroom suites, blending the old-world ambiance with updated features like water-conserving fixtures, lush fabrics, and rich colors.

You can also install an arch-doored walk-in shower for further modification.

8. Mountain cabin-type bathroom design:

If you want a mountain cabin-like feeling in your interior, you can opt for this bathroom remodel in NYC.

Having a rustic yet welcoming setting, this bathroom décor can take your interior to the next level. Experts suggest paneling your bathroom with knotty pine wood and installing slate flooring can be ideal. You can also invest in wooden built-ins and add a few household plants.


Wondering how to give a new look to your bathroom décor? Well, investing in the latest bathroom remodel in NYC can be a great choice. We hope this article can be helpful.

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