No matter what month it is, you have the opportunity to make your business better and stronger every day. You know it is in your own hands, right? Yes, it is totally your responsibility. This is not something you can blame on others. I know because I tried to do that!! It did not work. Bottom line is it is up to you. So, what can you do, right now, to make your business better and more financially stable?

I do not know where you are in your business now, but please allow me to throw out some ideas of things you may not have done before, or maybe you have done them but they did not go as well as you planned so you gave up on them. Sometimes it is just timing so it may be worth doing again.

• Teleclasses / Teleseminars

• Speaking (Live)

• Podcasts

• Webcasts


• REAL books (self published)

Networking locally

• Conferences (Your own or attending)

Yes, this list could go on and on. My point is that there are so many ways to grow your business and serve others with your gifts and expertise. Do not deny people from what you have to offer.

I think that is the biggest message of all.

Do you understand that? I know none of us, or most of us, don’t like marketing. But in all honesty, if you do not market, you will not have a business.

It is not like in the good old days where you could ‘hang your shingle’ and people would flock to you. I have to say, when I had my therapy business for 23 years, I never, ever marketed myself. But I did not have to. I was in a medical building.

But it is different now. You ‘should’ be doing some kind of marketing every single day. Even if it is just a post on Facebook telling people what you do. So, for this day, this month, this year please put yourself out there. Let people know you exist and what you offer. Let them know how you can serve them. They want you and need you.

If this makes you feel any better, consider it ‘service based marketing’. This really is what you are doing. You are letting people know what your gifts are, what you strengths are and how you can give them the results they want and desire. Simple as that.

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