This term comes from the vocabulary of quantum physics and is described as the most powerful science ever conceived by human beings; yet as we are always evolving we might add, up until now. Tomorrow new technology will reveal more about our universe and how we fit into it. According to Price Pritchett, who wrote the amazing book, You 2, this information “has staggering implications regarding you, your potential, and the power of your mind.”

The basic concept, described in Fred Alan Wolf’s award-winning book, Taking the Quantum Leap, noted that physicists studying quantum mechanics observed that particles make “jumps” (movement that a particle of matter undergoes in going from one place to another) without apparent effort and without covering all the bases between the starting and ending points. The premise therefore, is that humans can do something very similar in their personal performance once they understand what is possible.

This article addresses a few of the many points of this truly amazing concept.

Most of us believe that our progress is made through incremental steps and “trying harder.” This means we systematically move from one level of achievement to the next level and so on. However, many of us have also seen that doing “more of the same” gives us just that. We have heard the definition of insanity and often we operate that way. Our programmed tapes, habits and paradigms keep us in our comfort zone or working so much with little to show for it.

To go for a real BREAKTHROUGH means we need to re-frame our ideas about gradual progress. “Quantum leaps require paradoxical behavior. Unusual moves. (Actions that on the surface often seem to contradict common sense) This means we need to examine and often change our rules for success.

The first thing to consider is whether trying harder has worked in the past. If you are okay with gradual gains, that’s fine. Quit reading this and do what works for you. However, if you’re someone who wants to accelerate your rate of achievement and success then quantum leaping may be right for you.

In my own business I came to the realization that working harder was often counter-productive causing more stress in my body, less time with friends and family and just left me feeling tired and frustrated. Sometimes I’d see slight gains yet they were not enough to justify the long hours I worked. If I were to break down the time spent I was working for less than $20 per hour! I began to experiment. First I cut out activities that were not producing the results I desired. I cut way back on networking groups I was involved in. I joined and formed Mastermind groups instead with like-minded people wanting similar results. I looked at my Internet presence and SEO results and realized I needed help and began working with experts in the field. Working harder was not my answer.

This is probably one of the most powerful concepts for me. To leverage our performance and results so dramatically requires that we let go of control and tap into a higher power. We allow other possibilities to exist and make opportunities welcome. It is not a singular effort. We pay attention to our amazing mental faculty, our intuition. We receive ideas, people come our way that support us and opportunities present themselves, seemingly…”out of the blue”.

In the past year I have personally experienced this at a heightened level. It has been truly amazing. My personal belief is that nothing happens randomly. We have these unseen forces on our side as we move confidently in the direction of our dreams. It now seems perfectly natural, yet we must keep our mind open to this phenomena or it can quickly close for us.

A quantum leap is possible for you. “No matter how you wish to measure success, regardless of how you define achievement, you have barely scratched the surface of what you personally can accomplish.”

Come along if you are ready…..

To Your Quantum Leaps!

Author's Bio: 

Valerie Lipstein, Certified Coach,Consultant, Results Specialist and owner of Inspired Living Now works with entrepreneurs who feel stuck and are ready for a real breakthrough to up-level their results for greater purpose, passion and prosperity. She supports them to identify, clarify and stay coherent with their true vision to get their results.