We make decisions all the time...every second of every day...day in and day out. But are we examining those decisions we make in regards to how they affect our vibration? Do we take the time to examine our beliefs when we make those decisions? The decisions we make are a reflection of our beliefs and therefore deserved to be examined.

If we don't take the time to look at our decisions and the beliefs we hold behind them, how can we ever expect to change/shift/let go of those beliefs that no longer serve the person we are becoming? When faced with a decision, it's best to ask yourself if the decision you are considering reflects the person you are becoming. In other words, am I making this decision because it is the best for me now or is that decision based on an old belief which is no longer serving me?

A good example is with decisions regarding money. Let's say you see a really cool outfit in the store window. You try it on and it fits you perfectly and you look fantastic in it. You do the math in your head and realize you can't really afford to spend the cash on it right now. You are working on developing your abundance mindset so rather than making the decision from a place of lack with the "I can't afford it" thought, you choose instead to make the decision from a place of abundance by saying to yourself, "I could buy this right now but I am choosing not to at this time." Can you feel the difference in the energy behind those statements? This is how you make the decision "right". Your immediate reaction was that you could not afford it but you chose not to stay in that negative energy behind that decision. In that moment, you weighed your decision against the old belief you held regarding lack and pivoted your decision to reflect your growing abundance mentality.

It can be daunting to attempt to monitor all our thoughts but you can make an effort to notice how you feel. If you feel negative, there is a belief that needs to be looked at. It's the same with decisions. If a decision you're making feels "icky", then stop and look at the belief behind the decision and choose one that empowers you.

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