Eldon Anderson has a miracle story to tell. It starts with his father, Arthur, who was the first “Miracle Man”.

Are you looking for a Natural Alternative to Fight Cancer? Then This is a MUST read story! This is an amazing story of how a Father and Son both Beat Prostate Cancer with Natural Alternatives. Read this and pass on to anyone that you may know suffering from Cancer.

In 1972, Arthur and Eldon met at Yellowstone National Park to drive to a family reunion. Eldon was a young man attending medical classes at Tufts School of Medicine for his employer. Arthur was just 63 years old when he delivered the bad news to Eldon. “I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, stage 4. The doctors say I’m too far along for surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.” “What are you going to do, Dad?” said Eldon. “I’m not going to die, Eldon. I’m a pretty tough old bird. I’m going to take vitamins” said Arthur. Eldon and the doctors thought it wouldn’t help, but what can you say to a dying man?

But several months later, Eldon’s father was cancer-free which was nothing short of a miracle. Arthur’s doctors called him “The Miracle Man”. In fact, Arthur lived another 30 years and even out-lived the doctors who told him he had only a short time to live. Years later, Arthur’s doctors marveled at the difference between his "old" and "new" x-rays. Eldon said he remembers his dad saying he took alfalfa along with his vitamin regimen.

As the years went by, Eldon was one of the top salesmen for a Fortune 100 company and sold medical electronic equipment to doctors and hospitals in the southwest. Eventually he started his own company which he expanded into 8 different companies. Eldon is very intelligent and extremely successful in his field but more importantly, he is one of the most kind-hearted and nice men, very approachable and patient to my many questions about his amazing story.

Now fast-forward to 2007 when Eldon's doctors delivered the bad news. Eldon had prostate cancer, just like his dad. He was so stunned he didn’t even think to ask how bad it was. Eldon learned later it was stage 2.

Since his father's miracle, Eldon researched many supplements over the years. He had done a lot of research on Xango's mangosteen juice and started drinking it for all the many health benefits, never thinking that he would need to drink it to combat cancer. (Go to pubmed.gov and search for xanthones or mangosteen and cancer.)

Using Dr. Amod Tootla’s prescribed 21-day challenge; Eldon drank a bottle of Xango a day (broken into thirds with his meals). Dr. Tootla is a pioneer and a famous colon cancer surgeon who invented robotic surgery. Cambridge University voted Dr. Tootla as one of the top 2000 scientists in the world. Dr. Tootla recommends Xango to 1900+ of his patients and he recommends drinking a bottle a day with 1 gallon of distilled water. With prostate cancer, the most water you can drink a day is ½ gallon and Eldon did just that. He said, “I continued to go to work and I never missed a day through it all. I just felt like I was full of Mangosteen juice.”

Eldon went back to his doctors on day 24 and 25. “I have to admit I was scared to get the results from my colon and prostate tests,” said Eldon. His doctors told him, “Eldon, your cancer is gone!” Talk about a miracle!! Since then, Eldon has helped six other men beat their prostate cancer in the same way, including one gentleman whose prostate cancer had metasticized.

“Mangosteen Juice from Xango gave me my health back. It’s an incredible product” comments Eldon. Eldon continues to drink several ounces a day and he has been cancer-free for almost five years.

“I’m a tough old bird. Ornery, too” says Eldon. When I ask him the most important thing he has learned through this father-son experience, Eldon replies, “Be open-minded. Make up your own mind about your life and how you want to live it.”

Like father, like son. Two pioneering souls living their lives just a little outside the box.

I hope this story was an inspiration to you as it was me! What a powerful story to tell that Natural Alternatives do work.
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