We all are unhappy for some time in our lives, but depression, depression is much deeper, longer and more tragic. Because of this, people start losing interest in their lives and their daily functioning gets disturbed. So far it has not been clearly explained what causes depression, but it is believed that many things have an important role in it. Many important stages of life, such as the death of a close friend, loss of job or marriage, usually lead to depression. Depression is the main cause of sleep deprivation.

If there is a possibility of something bad happening in your mind at all times, then there is a danger of going into depression. Under this, people keep thinking 'I have failed in everything'. To remove depression from your life you can Buy sleeping tablets online.
Causes of depression

• People also have depression due to some medical reasons, one of which is low activation of thyroid.

Depression can also occur in the side effects of some medicines. These include some medicines used to reduce blood pressure.

• Not only this, depression can also happen without any specific reason. It does it slowly at home and instead of trying to help you keep fighting with it.

What kind of role do the chemicals of brain play in the condition of depression, it is not yet fully understood. But most experts agree that this is not just due to any imbalance in the brain.

Who can have depression?

There is a short answer to this - it can happen to anyone. By the way, research shows that there can be a genetic reason behind it. Under this, some people are more likely to go into depression when they are going through challenging times.

People who have a history of depression in their family are also more likely to be depressed. In addition, some genetic changes in chromosome 3 can also cause depression. About four percent of the people are affected by this.

Symptoms of depression

Three symptoms of depression are:

Mood: General sadness does not come in it, but the lack of interest in any work or thing, no interest, no happiness in anything, even lack of feeling of sorrow is a symptom of depression.

Thoughts: It means having negative thinking all the time.
Non-restorative sleep: Opening of sleep at two to three times in the night and if it lasts more than.
Role of sleeping medications

• Anti-depressants affect the way the chemical works in the brain. But the role of these chemicals in depression is not fully understood and anti-depressants do not work for everyone.

Depression also worsens the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. These are chemical messengers that establish contact between neurons, brain cells.

• The messages that the neurotransmitters send receive the receptors in the next neuron. Some receptors may be more sensitive to a particular neurotransmitter or may be insensitive.

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