Did you know that our thoughts, words, and actions create our reality? Amazing concept, isn't it? We create what we think about. We create what we talk about. We create what we act out. We can create the life we truly want by changing our thoughts, words, and actions. It sounds simple, doesn't it? It really can be this simple!!! It all starts with a question, what do you truly want? Imagine there is a genie standing in front of you who is asking you what you want, anything you want. Just brainstorm, make a list of what you truly want, forget about all of the limitations, restrictions, and constraints. It is quite an experience, I did this same exercise a few months ago and I was able to fill a whole page. I felt truly empowered!!! Why not try it out with a partner, you ask them what they want for about 10 min, and then they ask you what you want for about 10min. See how you feel when you do this. Do you feel empowered, inspired, excited?

But remember, until you take action, consistent action, this list of what you want, will remain a list of wishes and dreams. After you have made your list, ask yourself "Which of these are for my highest good right now?" Then take a look at the list again, and most likely, a few of the items will jump out at you or you will have an immediate gut reaction to them. Those are the ones that you need to focus on right now. For example, let's just say you had picked a trip to Italy; you can start by thinking about and visualizing where you want to go in Italy. Visualize which cities, attractions, and monuments you would like to see. Start talking about your trip to your friends and family. Do research on the internet or the library or bookstore on Italy and the places you would like to see. Buy a travel guidebook and read up on the different cities you would like to visit. Start learning how to speak and understand Italian. Create a vision board of all things Italian, places, food, monuments. Look at this vision board every day for a few minutes and actually feel the emotions building within you of excitement and adventure. This is a practical example of thinking, talking, and acting out what we would like to create. Try that and see what happens, see who and what the Universe brings into your path to help you create the life you truly want!!! Continue to live a light-filled life :)

Author's Bio: 

Shefali Burns is a certified professional life coach and reiki master. She is dedicated to empowering others to create the life they truly want. Check out her website www.ownyourlight.ca