Then you might need to try the metaphysical way.
When something happens, when somebody, maybe a colleague, treats us badly, perhaps they criticize us, bully us, put us down, humiliate us or try to manipulate us, the first reaction is to feel hurt or get angry: why did they do that to us? Or maybe we think that it is our fault and we start beating ourselves up, feeling even worse.
Maybe we try various things – we talk to our friends, to our boss, we study various techniques, we go to assertiveness courses to stand up for ourselves, but maybe it does not work; perhaps we do tell them how we feel, how hurt we feel, how we would like to be treated, but the only thing we obtain is that they deny they did anything wrong and keep doing the same, and we end up feeling even more out of control, maybe doubting of ourselves, angry and hurt. All of this can be extremely painful, damaging and might cause us to feel powerless and trapped, as we might think we need to keep that job, particularly in this moment.
And maybe when we talk to people, some people tell us not to take things personally, which is always necessary, but is it enough? Yes, the person might be stressed out and be treating people without respect, but do we really want to keep working with them, in the same place? Also, it is important to remember that taking things not personally does not mean justifying or putting up with it; they treated us badly, but we, as you read below, have created it on some level of reality.
In fact, Albert Einstein said: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. We need to look at the problem from another perspective.
Yes, the person is having a behavior that is not respectful towards us, but are they really doing something to us? And how can we change the situation so that we are treated well?
We need to remember that everything in the Universe is energy and that there are laws, somebody calls them universal laws, somebody spiritual laws - one of them is that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. If we are negative we attract negative things in our life. This means that we have indeed attracted on some deeper level of reality the people that did or are treating us badly. But as we have attracted them, we can also shift the situation and attract people that treat us well as we desire and deserve.
What do we need to do?
We need to let go of all the negativity, beliefs, subconscious patterns that cause us to be treated badly. And of course, one very important part is how we treat ourselves, because if we treat ourselves badly, we keep attracting negative energy. Dealing with the negativity, beliefs and subconscious patterns might require a lot of work, particularly if we have been programmed with beliefs that cause us to be a victim, and with beliefs I call anti-happiness beliefs. We also need to consider how we are treating those people, because if we treat them badly because they treated us badly, again it is only negativity.
And once we free from all the negativity and patterns and we love ourselves and those people too, we are empowered to create the reality we want. And you might wonder whether those people will change? Maybe. It might be possible that those people will change, but it is not our domain - it will be their choice if they decide so. It is likely they might change towards us but they are responsible for their negativity and so their growth; or we might find ourselves in a totally different reality, a reality where people do love and respect us.
You have the power to make a change and the power is always in the present moment by setting an intention. You can do it. Do it now.
Piercarla Garusi Copyright 2011 – all rights reserved

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