Just for the record, even extroverts don’t always like to Network!

One of the best tips I think I can give you is go to a networking event with a purpose in mind. If you enter the room with no purpose it could feel very daunting and you may find yourself just wandering around aimlessly.

You are not there to sell anything. If you are going to have an offer it might be for a free ‘Discovery Session’ to get to know them better, what they do and if you have any solutions for them.

Maybe you are going just to reconnect with colleagues you haven’t seen for awhile. These are people you already know so you don’t necessarily have to go and meet new people.

You don’t have to stay for hours! If you accomplish what you set out to do in 30 minutes you have my permission to leave. If you are having fun, then certainly stay for awhile!

The main goal is to meet one or two people you really want to connect with. You don’t have to shake hands with everyone in the room. It’s about quality not quantity.

You are also not going there to pass out dozens of business cards nor to collect dozens of business cards. One idea: If you are wearing pants with back pockets, in your right pocket put 4 of your business cards. When you collect 2 or 3 or maybe 4 put them in your left pocket. That way you aren’t pouring through your purse looking for your business cards.

Have your ‘elevator speech’ ready and be sure you have practiced it until you feel comfortable with it. Craft together maybe 3 sentences that portrays your unique talents and gifts and tells them the solutions you help others with. You want people to know who you are and what you do. If the person is interested they may ask you questions so be prepared to have answers ready. Then you will have the opportunity to ask them what they do and all you have to do is relax and listen.

Large meetings, workshops or conferences can be difficult for introverts. If possible, try to find a place you can go to be alone for awhile and recharge your batteries. You need these breaks as opposed to extroverts who draw energy from being around others.

If you are a business owner it’s very important to network in person and not just on- line. People want to get to know you and your business so dress yourself up, put a smile on your face and go network!

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