Don't you just find the rain peaceful and comforting? Whether you are a self-confessed pluviophile or just looking for ways to enjoy the rainy season, there are plenty of reasons to love the rainy weather. Take a look at this quick rundown on the best rainy day activities that you will surely dig!

Walking in the Rain

Sure, this may sound weird and crazy, but did you know that walking in the rain is actually good for your body? Researchers have found that people tend to burn more calories and build more muscle when we do physical activities in the cold weather. The reason behind this is that you tend to exert more effort if you are on a muddy or slippery surface. Apart from that, rain purifies the air by reducing harmful contaminants, making it a healthier option than your regular walk. If you are looking for ways to reduce body fat and stay in shape, then you might want to consider taking a walk in the drizzling rain.

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Rain Bath

Have you ever thought of getting a little wet in the rain again just like the old times? Rainwater is one of the natural, purest forms of soft water. It is alkaline and doesn't contain any harmful minerals that could damage your epidermis and crowning glory. When it rains, humidity levels in the air also increase. High levels of humidity can keep your skin supple and glowing. If you have any burns in your body, being in the rain can help relieve discomfort from burns by balancing your body temperature. By exposing yourself to a variety of temperature levels outside your home, you are boosting your immune system.


The rainy season is the off-peak season in the tourism industry. This means that hotel prices are significantly cheaper than during warmer days. You'll be traveling for less time and save some fuel as you don't need to go somewhere far from home to have a mini-vacation. Just simply book a stay in a reputable hotel near your home and you will still enjoy your rest and relaxation break. If you are driving with your car to the hotel, make sure to have at least a protective paint job or these advanced ceramic coating done on your car. Rainwater can dull your car's lustrous finish and slowly damage your car's exterior. So if you want to have a worry-free staycation, take better care of your car and at least have it washed after the rain to remove ugly water spots.


It offers a lot of benefits as long as it is synchronized in a well-optimized environment. To meditate, you need to create a multi-sensory environment by taking out potential distractions and only leaving things you will need during your meditation practice. The rain has an effective calming effect and you can take advantage of such an effect by just listening to it and creating a soothing practice that enhances your focus and mindfulness. Alternatively, watching the rain can help your mind rest during stressful events and prepare for a meditative state.

Getting a Massage

Have you ever noticed how you can feel different body aches when it rains? Turns out, temperature changes affect your body. The cold weather forces your muscles to constrict so if you have tight or tension spots already, that will worsen your condition. You also have to be wary of your allergies as grass and weed pollen levels are significantly higher when it is raining. This goes the same with mold and dust mites as they tend to be more apparent during the rainy and humid season. To ease yourself from the symptoms of allergies, body pains, and other weather-induced conditions, treat yourself with a therapy session at home or in your local spa. It will help uplift your spirit during the gloomy season and also relieve body tension and soreness.

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Indulge in Comfort Food

It is no surprise that the weather affects our food choices. Studies have found that when the weather is cooler, just like during rainy days, people tend to crave warm and comforting dishes that have a full-bodied flavor. This may be in the form of soups, ramen, casserole, curry, chowder, and many more. So the next time it rains, whips up your favorite comfort food to feel extra cozy.

Several activities can make your rainy days more productive and fun. Although it has its own pros and cons, there are still many ways to enjoy the rainy weather. Enjoy it by either experiencing the rain and its benefits or at least finding activities to enjoy while you stay out of the rain.

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