When I was growing up as a child and adolescent I was pretty competitive. I was a gymnast, a swimmer and snow skier and water skier. We were in teams of course, but individually we were competitive. As a team we collaborated.

My own daughters grew up the same way with soccer, tennis, swim team and a variety of other team sports.

None of us is cut throat of course, but we like to win. I still like to win!

This is where how we live our lives and how we run our businesses take a different path.

One of the things I love about being a coach is the idea and belief system around collaboration. It just makes business life so much more fun and actually much more successful.

Collaboration means team work, partnerships and cooperation. Competition means rivalry, a contest, or opposition. They each have their place.

I can't imagine where my business would be if I didn't have other people to collaborate with. I believe I would feel really isolated and alone. I know my business wouldn't be where it is today without collaboration.

The idea of competing with all the other coaches out there, especially those in a similar niche, just doesn't set right with me. It just would feel wrong.

You all know, there is no truly new information out there. You can find anything you want on Google. It's free. The difference is you can take what you learn, make it your own, and put it out to the world.

Niche is a big topic of mine. I have taught many teleseminars and Virtual Retreat Days on Niche. Well, that is not exactly original! I know many people who focus on Niche and we all present it in different ways in our own voice. The basics may be the same but the personalization is what makes it sing.

Look at all the Telesummits you see in your inbox these days. They have become very popular in the last few years or so. And what makes them work so successfully? Collaboration. Those speakers aren't competing with each other. They are collaborating with each other.

They are sharing their knowledge about various topics they are an expert in. They are not the only expert in the world on that particular topic. Of course not. But each speaker has their own way of presenting the topic that suits their own personality and experience.

Think about yourself now. Where do you fit on the continuum of competition or collaboration? I'll bet they are different in your life and business too.

Now, I am not against competition at all! I am very competitive in certain situations, just not in my business. I can promise you that has helped my business thrive and you can do the same.

My Coaches Request to you: Take a look at your business and your life as well. Where do you see yourself? If competition is a bigger part of your business than you might like, what can you do to change that? Sometimes, it may just be in your mind, in your head, not something you talk about or share. If this is the case I am pretty sure it shows more than you might realize. Cheers for collaborating with each other!

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