The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and massive military operation against Ukraine, might be the start of a third world war, “nuclear and devastating” consequences.
Several experts and, analysts have described the ongoing crisis as a close call to a third world war. Fiona Hill, a Russian expert and advisor for several Republican and Democratic US administrations, most recently for Donald Trump, has stated in regards to the war in Ukraine and a global conflict: "We are already in the middle of a World War III.
U.S. President Joe Biden claimed, a third World War would be a better alternative to Washington’s tough sanctions against Moscow. He further added, referring to the ban and sanctions imposed by Western countries, that athletes, intellectuals, actors, and journalists would be the targets of the sanctions. He claimed that “dictators” like Vladimir Putin must “pay the price” for invading another country.
World War 3 might not be fought by every country on Earth. The South American, African, Oceanian and a good number of Asian countries wouldn’t fight each other because of colonial powers which ruled so many countries during WW2 faced massive losses.
No one is sure what the cause of a World War 3 might be, but we are going to assume that each country’s economic and military status is as it is now. If the conflict starts in Asia it would be around Taiwan, the South China Sea, South Korea or in the Middle East (around Israel, Iraq, or Iran), it would most likely be in Asia or the Middle East.
Let us assume and have a look at the allies for the world war 3.
Team USA and its allies

1.The U.S.A
2.The European Union - due to their NATO obligations, they are obligated to side with the U.S. against a democratically elected country.

There are also four primary sources of military power:-

And the other countries which might support The US:-

7.Israel – It will surely side with the U.S. as most of their enemies will be on the other side of the conflict. They receive most of their weapons from the U.S., their strongest ally.
8.Canada- A democratic country located near the U.S. On par with Europe.
9.Taiwan – The war may start due to their invasion, so they will undoubtedly side with the countries that recognize them.
10.Japan – We have had Japan as an ally since WWII and China as our enemy. Japan would side with the U.S.
11.South Korea – Located right next to China and adjacent to North Korea. Just like Taiwan, they’ll support the U.S. when the fighting starts.
12.Saudi Arabia – It’s a democracy, but they will fight Iran. Friends are enemies of enemies.

Team Russia/China and its allies

3.Iran – The USA and Israel consider them enemies, and the Russians back them. This site will no doubt ally with them.
4.North Korea – This country is allied with China and Russia, and they want to take over the southern half of the country.

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