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Depression and anxiety disorders are on the rise. These emotional problems peak between the ages of 30 and 44, and almost 20% of Americans experience at least one anxiety episode annually.

Environmental and genetic factors are influential, but experts believe that there are also other potential associations and causes of anxiety, like nutrition and diet. They also maintain that there is a growing link between anxiety and gut health.

I have seen countless cases where treating the gut has effectively eliminated depression and anxiety. Scientists have shown that anxious people often suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, and experience symptoms like diarrhea, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome, which are also called ‘co-occurring disorders’. In fact, in most new client cases involving mental health disorders, I will typically order a microbiology analysis to get to the root cause of their disorders.

Here is how gut health improves mood and help in the case of mental disorders:

Eliminates inflammation, and some scientists believe that depression is an inflammatory disease

Elevate the levels of tryptophan which supports the release of serotonin; the ‘happy hormone’

To boost your mental health and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, eat a diet rich in anti-anxiety foods, such as pickles, Korean kimchi, dark chocolate, yogurt or kefir, and Japanese miso.

As part of a complete heath program, you can take high potency probiotics. Probiotics will not in any case rectify intestinal dysbiosis in and of themselves. Also, they might raise the risk of side effects of other drugs, like corticosteroids, antibiotics, diet remedies, and immunosuppressants. So,if you want lasting relief from these disorders I would recommend correcting the root cause. For an appointment please call us at 847 577-4455. This concludes our series for December. I will publish our new calendar on January 1st for next month. Happy New Year! Sign UP so you don’t miss a post or Like us on Facebook! We are looking forward to having a very beautiful website for your ordering convenience. Visit our Natural Pharmacy for great prices and FREE shipping on hundreds of professional products. Thanks and Happy New Year. Best of Health!

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