Have you ever watched everything you ate for one entire day, really keep the calories down low to about 700 calories? Did you have a small breakfast, a small lunch, a very small dinner and then have a very tiny sweet before bedtime, only to find out that you didn't lose an ounce the next morning? This is an example of a sugar sensitivity!

Do you know anyone that experiences anxiety or anxiousness for no apparent reason? 
This is an example of a "delayed-onset" food allergy. Fifty percent of food allergies occur ten, twelve or eighteen hours later.

Do you know anyone with an issue with bloating. Bloating is often cause by lactose intolerance.

Do you know anyone that gains weight just by looking at food? That is a sign or symptom that individual reacts to food, which causes weight gain.

With kinesiology or muscle testing it is very simple to determine if a person reacts to food. Whether it is a food allergy, food intolerance or food sensitivity, it is simply the body reacting to food. There are also several blood tests in the marketplace that also determine food sensitivity or food allergy.

It has been documented that arthritis, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and many symptoms that patients experience 
can be resolved by eliminating their reactions to food. I would estimate that at least half the population has a least one on-going symptom due to a delayed food reaction.

What is important to know, if you watch your calories and exercise, but can't seem to lose weight, then you most likely have a sensitivity or allergy to food. Are hidden food sensitivities making you gain weight?

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