Arami Law, Chicago's finest divorce and family law firm, represent clients in all aspects of family law. We're a group of lawyers who understand why our clients have come to visit us. They've been harmed somehow, whether it's due to the dissolution of a marriage, a harsh parenting relationship, or another family law issue. We assist our customers in feeling relieved that they have a dependable and fair representative on their side at all times. They can rely on us to work hard to achieve positive, well-intentioned results.
We have a thorough understanding of the divorce process after more than fifteen years of effectively defending clients. Our Divorce Attorneys apply knowledge and experience to evaluate all of the issues in your case, develop a solid legal strategy tailored to your objectives, and ensure that you know what to expect at each stage of the legal process.

Although your rights and the rights of your children are invaluable, the reality is that legal fees are frequently a significant issue in the divorce and custody process. Arami Law is aware of this problem and offers cost-cutting options to our clients. Our hourly rates and retainer fees for family law cases are reasonable and affordable, and we will always be transparent about the costs of your case.

Chicago Family Law and Divorce Attorney
Arami Law, Chicago's best family and divorce law firm, can help with collaborative divorce, which is when the parties agree to divorce peacefully.

Parenting Agreements: We fight for and protect your right to raise and care for your children in a loving and suitable environment. We will work to reach a custody and visitation agreement in your family's best interests.

Works with you to ensure that you receive or pay the proper amount of money to raise and parent your children in a healthy atmosphere. Unfortunately, support payments cannot be adjusted until the divorce/child support decree is accepted and modified by the court. Assume, however, that one of the parents, either the custodial or noncustodial, obtains a life-changing financial change. In such a case, Arami Law, a top Chicago family law firm, will assist you in navigating the necessary and legal steps to change the order for your child support payments.

Financial stability for the spouse: Divorce should not put the spouse's finances in jeopardy. Arami Law, the best family law attorney in Chicago, will assist you in determining how much spousal maintenance is acceptable.

Asset division: Under Illinois law, the property you and your spouse have accumulated during your marriage is shared equally. Our responsibility is to ensure that this divide is fair, just, and reasonable for all parties.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: Arami Law anticipates unforeseen issues and .draught comprehensive premarital agreements to protect both parties concerns and interests and avoid significant controversy and hardship if you ever divorce.

For years, Arami Law, the premier family law attorney in Chicago, has been the go-to law office for families in the Chicago land area dealing with divorce and family law issues. With experience and compassion, we resolve challenging legal cases.

Chicago Child Support Attorney

During and after divorce, a Chicago child support lawyer works for fair outcomes.

Parents are expected to help their children till they turn 18 years old. Although a court can compel support for a child seeking higher education, parents are expected to support their children until they reach 18. Your children's expectations and financial position are likely to alter over the time between your divorce and the completion of these agreements. Arami Law provides experienced and sympathetic legal representation in child custody issues from divorce to post-judgment modification and enforcement actions.

In Illinois, child support is calculated using a legal formula, although courts might compel obligors to pay additional amounts to support the kid's current lifestyle or needs, such as:

• Tuition for private schooling
• Expenditures on education and living
• Summer camps, sports travel teams, and other enrichment programmes are all available.
• Child support orders may also differ depending on the child's or children's requirements. For example, if a couple has a child with special needs, the obligor may be required to make additional payments to help with the child's medical expenses.

The Arami Law helps child Support Order Modification and Enforcement.
Illinois' courts have devised a precise system for collecting and tracking child support payments and enforcement processes if an obligor refuses to pay while having the financial means to do so. In extreme circumstances, the court has the authority to garnish earnings or tax returns and imprison debtors. It's never a good idea to fall behind on child support payments, yet many attachment disorders do so for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Retaliation - Many obligors assume that their visitation privileges are linked to their child support payments. As a result, if custodial parents interfere with the noncustodial parent's contact with the children, they may refuse to pay. This self-help type makes the obligor look bad in court and offers the custodial parent more ammunition to make the obligor's life as difficult as possible. In this situation, an obligor should call an experienced Chicago family law attorney who can explain your alternatives and possibly even secure a judicial modification of your support payments.

Financial difficulty – If an obligor faces significant financial difficulties, such as losing a job or requiring substantial medical treatment, they may default on their child support payments. In rare circumstances, child support lawyers in Chicago can help you ask the court to reconsider your obligation.

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, you ought to be treated equally. Child support lawyers in Chicago has a lot of expertise dealing with complicated child support cases, both in the Loop and around the city.

Chicago Child Custody Attorney
Arami Law's child custody lawyers in Chicago offer compassionate advice as well as effective court representation.

In many divorces, decisions about where children will reside and how they will be reared are among the most controversial concerns. While the phrases "child custody" and "visitation" are still regularly used in Illinois, the terms "decision-making authority" and "decision-making authority" have been coined.

Many states have approved legislation requiring family courts to consider shared parenting duty as a default option. Illinois, on the other hand, has declined to follow suit, making it far easier for one parent to achieve sole decision-making authority while the other is relegated to the role of visitor. As a result, divorced parents have two choices: negotiate a joint parenting arrangement or engage in a contentious, high-stakes custody battle.

Arami Law is dedicated to ensuring that your parental rights are protected. When a negotiated settlement is possible, we strive toward a reasonable solution that benefits both parties.
On the other hand, child custody attorney Chicago fights tooth and nail for your and your children's best interests when your spouse is hell-bent on ruining your relationship with them.

In Chicago, Reasonable Custody Options for families
The term "custody" previously referred to a parent's or guardian's specific rights and obligations for a child. Under the prior nomenclature, divorced spouses could choose between physical and legal custody. These responsibilities have now been divided into a parenting plan that includes:

• The location of the child's home
• What percentage of the child's time will he or she spend with each of his or her parents?
• How will each parent have access to the child's information and records?
• Arrangements for mobility during parenting time

If the divorce is amicable or uncontested, the parties can use mediation to resolve minor difficulties or create a parenting plan independently. However, if a court must decide the subject, most parental responsibilities are usually assigned to the primary caregiver, usually the mother. The other parent is frequently compelled to pay child support to the child's primary career in these situations.

Regular Conflicts and Modification options in cases of Parental Responsibility

The noncustodial parent is frequently given parenting time, commonly known as visitation (the one with whom the child does not live most of the time). Unfortunately, problems can remain long after the divorce if one former spouse tries to interfere with parenting time or alienate the other parent from the child. Furthermore, if one parent wishes or needs to relocate out of state or a great distance from the child's existing residence, complications with established parenting plans may arise.

If neither parent is capable, a third party, usually a grandmother, maybe entrusted with parental responsibilities. Our Chicago child custody lawyer has experience with each of these cases, and we can explain your options and rights based on your specific situation.

Nothing will ever be able to replace the time you spend with your children; thus, fighting for your parental rights is worthwhile. The Chicago divorce attorneys at Arami Law have the experience and determination to draught a fair parenting plan, as well as the tenacity to win in court if necessary.

You can count on Arami Law if you need help with any of the following:

Our divorce and family law practice can assist you in achieving the most equitable and fair outcomes possible from your divorce, including equitable distribution of the marital home and other assets, appropriate child support payments, and enforcement of child custody rights, through mediation and litigation.

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