When I was a teenager, I remember questioning in my bible study class. My question pertained to the validity of Christianity. In other words I asked "How do we know our religion is the right one? Is there really a 'right religion' versus a 'wrong religion'? What makes us so sure that our way is the one and only way?" The questions stemmed from the passing of my grandfather, who was not a Christian. I wanted to know if my grandfather was burning in hell or saved. He was a good man and while he may not have accepted Christ as his savior, certainly that was no reason to have his soul damned for all eternity. I never did get an answer that was satisfying to me and that's when I started to really question my faith. Not so much in God but more in the whole concept of religion itself.

For me, the choice was to call myself more spiritual rather than religious because as I started to explore other faiths, the basic tenants were all the same and there were aspects of all religions that I resonated with. I made the conscious choice to not be pigeon holed by any particular mainstream religion. Now, while I made this choice for myself, I certainly appreciate and respect the choice of others to believe as they choose. To accept what they hold as the truth for them. That's the beauty of this journey we call life. In many ways, it's about discovering what our own individual "truths" are.

Accepting and appreciating the varied religious beliefs of others is a blueprint for accepting and appreciating our individual perspectives, opinions, etc. If we close our minds by thinking our way is the only right way to be, do and live we are shutting ourselves off to what could possibly be some amazing, life-altering experiences for knowledge and growth. Think of your life as a buffet table, with a little bit of everything available. If you see something you don't like, you don't put it on your plate but you don't have it removed from the buffet and prevent others from possibly enjoying it. You simply choose whether you wish to partake of it or not.

My coach's challenge to you is this, the next time you find yourself being judgmental of another's choice, stop yourself and remember that while the choice may not resonate with you, you have no way of knowing the mind of someone else and what they would or would not choose to incorporate into their own experience. Remember the buffet table analogy and choose only those that you want on your plates but leave all the choices available for others to pick from along the way.

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