When you take control of your focus, you apply your power and move energy through everyday magic. That’s Magic Alchemy Manifestation at its most basic level of application. When you move energy, you create change. You are blessed with free-will, which you can use to consciously design the life you desire. An everyday magic tip you can use to help shape your manifestation and energy to focus on expecting more good to come into your life no matter what. Building a high degree of enjoyment energy and not only motivation but desire energy will help you stay grounded in yourself and your own happiness.
Use your concentration and begin to direct the show. Stand in your power. Thoughts cloak themselves in emotions, but first comes the power of your thought. Recognize the habitual patterns of thoughts that affect your feelings. We can be whatever we want, we just have to decide. You are what you are today because of the choices you made over many yesterdays. Tomorrow you will be what you are creating today. Emphasize the good in Y.O.U. and others.
Think about positive qualities and they will grow. This is a secret of happiness: accept that you have to continually improve your way of thinking and feeling. Always and forever more, when you feel bad, reach for the better feeling.

Shift consciousness from one feeling to another. njoyment energy comes from the degree of pleasure you experience from seeing, hearing, doing, feeling and imagining what you like. The level of excitement is a measure of the level of energy that feeds your expectation of more good. A decent metaphor would be that of turning yourself into a powerful magnet for good. Enjoyment energy is a straight line of Divine Design Shine. It is the most direct route to happiness.

You choose what you emphasize. Consciously make degree shifts along the pole of contrast toward the positive perception. Improve the quality of your experience. You no longer permit circumstances to dictate how you feel. Attitude is everything; it is your state of mind and feeling.How you look at the world dictates your attitude.

Your attitude dictates your circumstances. It is not what happens to you but how you see it that counts. Is your attitude helping you or hurting you? Along with the focus and energy aspects of this way, you must go beyond adaptability into recognizing the good, seeking the good, and even finding a way to create the good out of everything that happens. In this way, therefore, bad things never happen. Things may happen that you don’t like, but when they do you use them as an opportunity to increase the good, in yourself or in the world.

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Thriving through disfiguring life-threatening head/neck cancer broke the world of Magic Alchemy Manifestation wide open. I had to harness all the best luminescence practices to live. Not only did I live, my friends, I learned to create miracles. And that is what I want to share, all that is RIGHT about Y.O.U.

I am Michele Howe Clarke, MBA, TEDx speaker, bestselling author. Most importantly, Maven, I stand for your life s.u.c.c.e.s.s.. Come to me when you are ready to see the masterpiece your life can be. I am your Thrive Guide into the flow of your Divine Design Shine. Let’s Go!