We often hear that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Did that ever come home to roost this week.
I received a phone call from my adult son late yesterday afternoon. In this economy, he has gone through a rough patch with employment even with an MBA and Chef certification. We live in different towns, so do not see each other frequently, but generally talk often. Over the past couple of months phone calls had been further between, and I know our son has allot of pride and does not like to ask Dad and Mom, or anyone for that matter, for help. Something I can relate to from my past!

We have realised that he could abuse alcohol but have not made it an issue with him. We have made him aware of what "Dad" has gone through over the past 15 years; he saw enough first hand when my addictions were active, and has seen the changes in my life.

Yesterday's phone call had an overriding message; he was at a rehab centre and had been for two weeks.
I was shocked at first, but upon reflection, was thrilled.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, and he got his wake up call a full 10 years before I did. We love him and will support him as we always have; help will only be given when requested.

Whether it is addiction, co-dependency or other behaviours, environment and genetics play a huge role. When the lights come on and people become willing to work to change; good things can happen. I can only pray this happens for my son and others who are at bottom in their lives. I have learned the hard way; I can "fix" no one. My experience and training allow me to ask questions to help people look in the right directions and find their own answers. I also have tools that I share freely, but they are only of use if they are used.
Got some issues you're not happy with in your life. I certainly had some big ones.

In recovering, and working with other recovering people, I've certainly learned the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Glad my son is seeking help. It takes courage. I wish there were more that would do the same and break life cycles!

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Certified life and addictions coach coaching client success by phone