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The year 2020 is no less than a breakdown for people, especially in terms of health and wellness. The only thing that matters presently is social distancing to prevent the chances of infection. However, to much of a surprise, modern technology comes up as a blessing in disguise and is a life savior in havocing moments. Talking about the recently enunciated Apple Watch Series 6 which is a perfect prototype of the notion helps the individual by promoting self-care through its improved health and fitness features.

Apple Watch Series 6

If you are fascinated to make wearable technology the fountain-head to cope-up with COVID-19, opting for the blend of Apple Watch and the best leather bands in New Zealand is a perfect option.

Here’s how the latest sequence of Apple Watch introduced in September 2020 is a little ray of hope in the disturbing situation of the pandemic.

  • Blood Oxygen Sensor

Though Apple Watch was already popular for its option of fitness tracking and ECG reading, the latest series with a bundle of improvements offers a lot more than we can imagine. One of the most worth appreciating features invented in the form of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the Blood Oxygen Sensor that allows the owner to have insight into their health status. Besides, it is a great way to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood to prevent yourself from being the victim of respiratory problems surged because of COVID-19. You can complement your super supportive timepiece with black leather Apple Watch band to let it all happen comfortably.

  • Blood Oxygen App

Blood Oxygen App comprises custom algorithms that make it possible for the owner to monitor the level of oxygen. The option is enabled with flour clusters of red, infrared, and green LEDs that measure the reflected light by blood. This feature and algorithms also function occasionally when a person is not active, the data for which can be fetched in the Health app.

‘Handwashing’ is a new buzzword right now because timely sanitizing your hands helps to kill most of the germs that may otherwise cause infection. You will be astonished to know that Apple Watch Series 6 is loaded with WatchOS 7, the new watch face with the family Setup feature. It offers the owner the options of sleep tracking, new workout monitoring, handwashing detection, and the choice of sharing watch faces. Thus, the combo of Apple Watch and leather Apple Watch bands in Newzealand can help to set up a healthy routine and fight with the pandemic in style.

As mentioned, the new Apple Watch model includes the Family Setup feature, thus, it is a good way for parents to coordinate with their kids. The features allow kids to harness the Apple Watch technology without syncing it with the iPhone. Moreover, parents can ensure the safety and fitness of their kids by connecting multiple watches with iPhone. To a little more surprise, it can also be used for proficient learning as the Schooltime mode helps children to stay focused on their studies. If you are yearning to make this elegant piece a part of your routine, there is nothing better than a leather Apple Watch band. This is because it presents precise fitting and maintains the durability of the watch for a long-time.

Bottom Line

Apple Watch is a seamless form of modern technology that serves both aspects of innovation and wellness. There is no denying the fact that this tech-savvy piece introduced recently is a great support in the times of pandemic where social contact is considered dreadful. Thus, have no second thought and start looking for the best leather bands in Newzealand to preserve the grace and durability of the useful timepiece.

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