Is there any "no service" hint on your iPhone 7 when it's almost certain you have a good phone signal? Here's the good news! You may be right

About iPhone 7 "No Service" vulnerability reports and rumors that have been going on for over a year . Friday afternoon, Apple finally admitted the issue.

Apple said the company has found "a small part of it" iPhone 7 will report "no service" if the network signal is good.

But the bad news is: Maintenance is not easy. This time, the problem can not be solved by software upgrade. Apple said the fundamental reason is the motherboard components. This means that the phone must be taken for repair.

There is also not too bad news: Apple will provide free maintenance services. If you've already paid for the problem at the "genius bar" in Apple's retail stores, Apple will give you a refund. It can be from here to understand the details. (However, there is a problem: If you have a problem with your phone screen, you have to pay for a repair screen problem before you can repair a "serviceless" one for free.)

Apple said devices produced from September 2016 through February 2018 (almost the entire life cycle of the iPhone 7) may be affected. These devices are mainly sold in the United States, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

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