Running a meditation site means I am experiencing a new meditation every day from the Meditation Masters Network. It is some built-in stress training that keeps me calm and very happy. I found it frustrating and embarrassing that I still would experience panic attacks when on an airplane. Considering I fly at least once a month and used to be an American platinum flyer, I was faced with impending panic on a regular basis. It was awful.

Meditation helps with general anxiety and I had hoped it would cure panic attacks when I fly. But when I was in the throes of a panic attack on an airplane, it did not help at all. My heart would race, breathing would constrict, and I felt very faint…an absolutely awful feeling I would not wish on anyone. This would last from 5 to 30 minutes, but felt like a lifetime on the plane. Also, the waves might come back during the flight to strike me again.

I would usually have to pound drinks to cope. This was not an ideal thing to do if you were taking a weekday morning flight and needed to work either on the flight or after you landed. Plus I disliked the lack of control and the panic that seemed to come from out of nowhere and for no reason.

Doing search engine keyword research with my marketing firm, Google was wise enough to suggest a link to a panic attack solution system. I clicked over to the page on a Sunday and scanned the contents. $67, money-back guarantee, and there was a specific mention of flight anxiety in the ad copy I read. Since I had a flight on Wednesday morning, I felt it would be the perfect test.

I cannot tell you how absolutely euphoric I was on the flight Wednesday! The plane took off, I followed the instructions to the letter, and within a few minutes the panic was gone. I had made it go away consciously, and knew without a doubt that I could handle it if it ever appeared again. This made the flight very enjoyable and productive. I was even relaxed enough to meditate. To consciously defeat panic gives you an internal secure feeling of power and relief.

How did I do this? By using a technique I learned called the Anxiety Release Method. It involves educating yourself about the nature and source of the panic, observing and inviting the panic in, and then flowing with the fear. I realize this sounds vague, but the method is too good to give away the author’s product secrets. If you suffer from panic attacks for any reason, I recommend the Panic Away Product.

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