Over the years we have been in business, I have heard a list of questions repeated. Below is a summary of the questions with the accurate answers for them. If you have others, please let me know and I will be happy to address them.
“As the leader in the HGH/Anti Aging field, we take this role seriously and guarantee my product, Hgh Plus™, to be safe and effective.” — Dr. David Orman
Here we go. . . .
FACT: Approximately 90% of all Human Growth Hormone formulas today have been developed within the past 10 months or less. Many have or are attempting to duplicate Hgh Plus.

Hgh Plus™ from DMI™ has a trusted 13+ year history of unmatched success with improving personal and family health. Dr. Orman’s anti aging nutrition formula was one of the original, groundbreaking formulas and continues to be the world-wide leader and best seller in the rapidly developing field of anti-aging medicine. It is one of the very few formulas that is doctor developed, has clinical trials and safety data. Dr Orman worked with literally thousands of patients over the years to perfect this formula. It is based on hands on experience, not laboratory theories.
Benefit to You: You can feel safe knowing that 13+ years of history are with this formula and it is backed by one of the premiere natural health practitioners in the country. It is also based on hands on work with patients — males and females from all backgrounds and ages. Nothing compares to real world information.

FACT: Less than 9% of all formula have clinical trials. Most state “ingredients have been proven to . . . .” This does NOT mean that the formula as a whole will work. When ingredients are mixed together, how do they react? Safely or dangerously?
Clinical trials are a must. Hgh Plus™ (as a complete anti aging nutrition formula) works both safely and gently as proven by Clinical Trials and has an exemplary 13+ year history.
Today, DMI™ continues to be the Human Growth Hormone leader in the field with Hgh Plus™ and exemplary customer support.

Benefit to You: You experience the fast acting results based on proven science and working with actual patients. Clinical trials have been completed and outstanding results noted. This means a powerful and effective formula and results for you.

Safety Data?

FACT: Most formulas do not keep safety data. If you risk using other formulas involving nutrition and anti aging, one does not know the safety issue. Dr. David Orman‘s formula has safety data, showing it to be safe for both men and women of various ages. We manufacture and test each batch for purity in an FDA approved laboratory.

Dr. Orman’s formula has a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Free Sale — the “gold standards of safety,” ensuring safety and purity of this human growth hormone releaser.

Benefit to You: You can feel safe, trusting in a proven formula by a proven company. If you have questions, Dr. Orman will answer them directly. You can feel safe knowing that the formula – Hgh Plus™ – that you will use is backed up from the first drop to the last.

“My commitment to you is that I will address every one of your questions directly. If you ever were a customer, we consider you a customer for life.”

Who developed this anti aging (nutrition) formula?

FACT: Most formulas were developed by duplicating existing formulas and are sold by marketers or MLMs. Hgh Plus™ was carefully crafted by Dr. David Orman, a leader in the field of nutrition and family health care. He treated thousands of patients and applied this information to the creation of this outstanding formula. This formula is based on 20 years of his experience and research with people.
For dental work, go to a dentist. For health care, go to health care experts. DMI is the home of experts in the area of Nutrition and Natural Health Care and Dr. Orman is one of the leading practitioners in this field. He has lectured to Congress, written over 30 professional journal articles and most of all, has treated 1000′s of patients with remarkable success over the years.

Benefit to You: One of the leaders in natural medicine will assist you in achieving your health goals. All of your additional questions will be answered personally by Dr. Orman.

Is the delivery method effective? What is the ideal delivery method for HGH?

FACT: Sprays are a convenient fad, entertaining and fun to mist about. However, because Human growth hormone is a large, unstable molecule it can’t pass through membranes in the mouth. It ends up in the gut where most (all?) is destroyed by the stomach acids. Also, dosages are well below therapeutic levels. Hgh Plus™ is a liquid tincture and the only one in the world using the powerful Alpha Trisequelene™ as its delivery system.

Liquids have an extensive history of being the most efficient method. The body views liquids as “pre-digested” and will easily absorb into the system. Tablets and capsules absorb at a 12-15% rate. Sprays have too large a molecule to be absorbed under the tongue. Therefore, they go directly into the digestive tract where all or most is destroyed by the stomach acids.

Benefit to You: Easy to use formula, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients effectively. Once again, you see proven and safe methods with Hgh Plus™.

What about high dose amino acid formulas?

FACT: Short term use might be fine with proper supervision and repeated blood tests. It can be helpful for professional athletes as well. HOWEVER. . . . Once you stop taking high doses, deficiencies result making you worse off. This holds true for any substance, be it Vitamin C, aminos or hGH etc. Blood tests are a must.

Dr. Orman’s formula contains amino acids but in a safe, precise amount. Thus improved levels have a tendency to stay at or near the optimal. After stopping Mega Dose amino formulas, HGH levels have a tendency to drop below initial baseline. With Plus™, levels can be maintained over time. See chart below for details.

Benefit to You: Danger of mega dosing is eliminated. Safety of proven methods such as liquid coupled with applied information from working with patients equals the premiere anti-aging formula on the market today.

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David is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert, Educator.