Lately, it seems in every email I get, people are talking about traffic. In fact I’m beginning to fell like I’m stuck in grid-locked traffic, even though I’m sitting here alone at my computer in a sunny home office, still in my PJ.

Outside my window its peaceful and quiet but the internet highway is alive and buzzing with the twitter of John Reese new toy... umm!... Invention; “Traffic Secrets2.0", launched today July, 15th, at high NOON EST.

From all account, this is the biggest, most internet-mind-altering program since John’s original “Traffic” jam..ugh!.. I mean “Traffic Secrets”; he produced and released some four and a half years ago.

Many of John’s raving fans swears that this first home study programs changed their lives, and that John’s top-notch products helped to make some of them very rich and successful in their internet business.

If you don’t know about John Reese, apparently he’s an absolute internet marketing genius, and the self-proclaimed “Smartest person on Earth....” “... and wayyy better looking than George Clooney...”

But I’m not going to start listing Johns credentials here, a quick search on Google will satisfy your curiosity. Suffice to say, it’s been stated that “.. John Reese is a millionaire and one of the few most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the internet, when it comes to creating online projects that generate Great Profit$...

It seems, that in Just a few short years John Reese has shown thousands of people how to pull lots of traffic to their web site with his landmark “Traffic Secret” course, and has carved out a niche and a name for himself almost overnight.

My new best friend Jason Mangrum, Author of the “The Official Internet Business Q & A Report calls John Reese “... THE undisputed King of driving traffic to any web site.” According to Jason, “ Traffic Secrets was responsible for the first well-publicized Million Dollar Day.” He also says that “..The sequel (Traffic Secrets 2.0) rocks harder..." Wow!
Such validation makes me feel like rushing out to get my copy...

As a Success coach I love a great success story, but even more importantly, I love sharing the gifts I receive.
Because John has been so gracious and generous, sending me his enticing videos and info packed emails for weeks now, I’ve decided to join the band wagons of his “Bizarre Cult followings”,... just for a while, to see where he leads and share my findings with you...

It’s said every thing John produces turns to gold, and that he attracts as many as two million visitors to his site, per day!
I suppose such a stamped of traffic makes Million $ trails?

According to John “Traffic= money...” And “...tons of traffic=tons of money-!” He claims he’s earning millions each year from his current wed sites portfolio and that he's willing and able to “show any one who wants to follow his lead, step by step, exactly how he does this ,using his proven, scientific system." Isn't that nice?

But, just in case some of you are as reluctant as I am to spend your hard earned US$397+s&h, on such a promising but somewhat expensive offer, I would like to give you a second choice to consider and maybe join the stamped at ZERO cost.
I think this new option might even help you save a few bucks in these rough times.

This second highway leads to David Riklan, at my home community site, ””; the #1 ranked self Improvement website on Yahoo, Google, AOL and many other sites...”

According to David, Founder and CEO of, “... while building this great website he also developed from the ground up, strategies to effectively use the search engines to drive massive amounts of traffic to the site.

But the best part of this offer is that members get free access to traffic and a massive community of experts, for free. We also get Free teleseminars. A free News letter. No setup fees (that I know of). No monthly automatic fees. No advertising costs... Nothing. As far as I can tell, is 100% free once you’re accepted and sigh up as a member.

As a success coach, and a member of this great community of experts, from every genre and every niche, I know for a fact that with or without a website, the possibilities of great coaching, learning a lot, meeting some great people, and achieving great success in business and personal development are endless.
If you don't believe me just Google and do the research yourself.

As for the traffic here?
I’m off to enroll in one of David’s free ** Search Engine Optimization** teleseminar, To know what I absolutely need to know in order to catch up to John Reese example :)

Author's Bio: 

Bernadette is a published author and performance poet who offers in her writing, performances, and lectures, a unique and holistic perspective on what she referrers to as “the divine dichotomy of life”.
She believes that we are all creative creatures called to create in different ways, but that accepting the challenge to embrace creativity is risky; "...for, it's about standing at edge of the abyss -- facing the unknown, and risking success or failure...."