“Everything is energy.”

Einstein said it. The ancient master before him said the identical thing. Modern quantum physicists have proven it. Everything is energy.

Keep this principle in mind as you continue to read. . . . . .

A week ago, my wife and I went for our Tuesday run on the W. Orange Trail here in the Orlando, Florida area. About a mile up, we notice 2 police cars, a most unusual sight. In the 13-14 years we have been training on the Trail, we never saw any, yet alone 2. Anticipating that it was a cycling accident or perhaps someone injured or ill, the closer we got, the more puzzling it became. No bicycles. No people.

Instead, there was a 9 1/2 foot alligator that was the focus of attention. About 30 minutes later, the trapper captured the large beast and. . . .destroyed it.

Alligators that size “too close” to residential areas are considered a “nuisance” to the community. It is a problem, and I am not referring to the alligator. Rarely do they bother people and even in those instances, it is usually because someone is feeding them or doing something stupid.

No, the problem is that too many people have their heart energy closed. It is as if there is a calcification of energy in front of this organ. When this occurs, we see the following symptoms:

On a physical level, there chest pains, improper digestion, weakened immunity and of course, heart issues.
On an emotional level, we see depression, bouts of anger, and even breakdowns.
On a social level, we see people completely indifferent to animals, killing them as if it is a game or something. We see people indifferent, unkind or harsh to other people. In short, we see a great deal of pain. This is a direct result of the heart being “shut off” so to speak.
There is an herb called Poria Cocos. It is used to help digestion, particularly bloating and distention of the abdominal area. More importantly, it help heal the Shen. The Shen is that “non-physical” part of the Heart that is all-too-often, shut off. It is the part when opened, allows the Mother Teresas of the world to give to the poorest of the poor. It is that part that inspired your neighbor to check on you when you were sick. It is that part of us that demonstrates compassion, love and kindness, expecting a grand total of nothing in return.

If you feel you are already doing this sometimes, take Poria on an as-needed basis. If you feel you are not doing this very often, take daily for 1 full month. If you feel you do not need this at all and this article is pointless, take daily for the next 3 months.

It was very upsetting to see such as powerful and magnificent creature needlessly slaughtered. Perhaps between their sacrifice and the words you are reading, more of us can find ways to treat each other with compassion, to treat animals with respect and kindness and keep our heart open.

Remember, everything is energy. Use it wisely.

** Reprinted with permission from http://hghplus.net/animals-and-heart-issues/

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Dr. David Orman is the creator of the online school "Dr. Orman's Wellness School" and well as the popular Doc Wellness Supplement, both found at DocWellnessWorld.com