The world has never been more instantly connected or more complex in any time in human history. Wherever you look people are scrambling to achieve freedom, recognition, or success. Everyone it seems is operating in a hurry and patience is rarely observed.

Along with this rush to betterment quick tempers appear to surface with little provocation whatsoever. And with this increased mass impatience has come a surge in anger outbursts. All of which has contributed to the necessity for the anger management specialist certification standards program developed by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA)

Anger management specialist certification training provides professionals with vital skills, concepts, and techniques needed for professionals to educate individuals in need of anger management. Clinical research and recent brain studies have recently contributed to new helpful and innovative techniques required to help the increasing number of individuals who struggle to regulate their feelings.

Nowhere is there more demand for anger management specialist professionals than the in workplace settings. The surge in workplace anger situation is partially the result of added pressure placed on employees to produce at maximum levels. The stress and anxiety appears to be a formula for judgmental attitudes, harsh criticisms, and angry outbursts, as well as destructive reactions.

Anger Management Specialist Certification – For Professionals

Because of this swell of anger in our culture mental health professional, educators, criminal justice professionals, life coaches, and other professionals are seeking anger management specialist certification to help deal with the shift in mass mood. As the numbers of anger situations rise on a daily basis, employers, courts, and families are seeking trained and certified anger management specialists.

The necessity for professionals to become certified to meet the need of the consistently growing anger problem will most certainly not let up in the near future. For example, the school systems across the country report increasing numbers of anger incidents with children raging against fellow students; and teachers are feeling the pressure as well.

Standards for Anger Management Specialist Certification

The standards set by the National Anger Management Association for anger management specialist certification have been developed by a number of recognized anger management clinicians, researchers and academic authorities. An integral approach to anger management training ensures that as many perspectives of effective treatment as possible are included. Affect regulation considerations, cognitive behavioral approaches, issues of shame, recent brain research, cognitive distortions, mindfulness techniques, and empathy and compassion development are all part of effective anger management training.

Growth Central, a mental health training organization, is a NAMA authorized training provider offering 2-day Anger Management Specialist-I Certification Seminars and continuing education units to professionals including: healthcare professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapist, clinical social workers, professional counselors, substance abuse counselors, educators and guidance counselors, criminal justice professionals, and others needing to deal with anger problems.

Consequently certified specialists who complete a highly regarded anger management specialist certification training program like the one offered by Growth Central will continue to be sought-after for a long time to come.

Author's Bio: 

Rich Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD, is Director and Founder of Growth Central an mental health information and training provider. He is an internationally recognized expert in Anger Management and Relationships. Dr Pfeiffer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Anger Management Specialist-V, and author of over a dozen books including the Real Solution Anger Management Workbook and the bestselling Creating Real Relationships.