And Who Heals Me?
Over a year ago, I went on a journey to look at some real fuzzy philosophical questions. “Who Am I?”was dealt with years ago, but “What Is My Purpose?” remained vague.
I went on a real journey to discover what it is about past employment that I loved and was good at, and what did I really want to do with the balance of my working life.
I am not cut out for a “job” job, and love helping others and seeing growth, one person at a time.
I found out from examination and from others that I had been coaching and mentoring for years, had helped many, and have passion for those affected by addiction and those with a desire to transform their life. It’s something I do as a natural part of who I am.
I have no desire to be a therapist, but found I loved coaching. From my sports background, I could relate exactly to the difference a great coach makes to individual goal setting and achievement. The same techniques used by athletic coaches’ work with every facet of life. We all have strengths that can be better used. It is my passion to bring these strengths out in others.
I have gone forth, taken education, read and studied, done a lot of “free” coaching, and have been blessed with a practice that is starting to get traction. I might even break even one day. Further, I have stayed very active in helping others who are struggling with addiction and will go to group sessions. It is important to maintain a “service” component in my life. I am a well qualified coach today.
My coaching clients are people who want to deal very privately with issues and have the means and willingness to pay for a coach. My primary job is to listen and ask questions and give feedback! In many cases, people pay more attention and take more responsibility when they “hire” an expert. Go figure! They are willing to be held accountable for what they undertake. I listen to them intently, and am trained to ask great questions.
Lately I have been dealing with my own “life” issues, and with all that I know and all that I have done, I am constantly reminded about how human I am.
In working with a client this morning on motivational challenges he faces, and listening intently, it struck me how similar some of the challenges he is facing to those I currently face! I actually heard myself.
In working with another client this afternoon, I am reminded that living a great and abundant balanced life is work in progress, and that I will never realize perfection. I am also reminded that the issues I faced three weeks or a month ago are gone; replaced by the issues of today.
I do feels the ups and downs of life, and I think because of the work I do and the person that I am, I have very high expectations for me!
I have a more complete toolkit to deal with issues than most of the people I work with. I have had several coaches in my life, have continuous conversations with coaches and other professionals, and can be pretty open and honest about my feelings. I have tools, but at times can be guilty of not using them properly and getting down!
When I’m like this, who heals me?
I have a great relationship with the higher power that has always dwelt within me and is a part of all that is in the universe. I am on a journey of spiritual (not religious) growth, and have to remember to stop and seek help and guidance on a regular basis. I have been given tools, and through conscious contact and some wonderful people I talk with, I can recognize what is going on with me, and realize that as bad as things seem (and this is relative to my expectations), I can deal with the cards I have been dealt.
But the real answer to my own question; it is you that heals me, people outside of myself, and sometimes totally anonymous.
On a daily basis I get feedback, and love it. People generally are caring and try to be positive.
In living my life purpose, there are challenges. As most who have tried know, building a business, even if you’re passionate about it, is not easy. The collective “you” are the source of inspiration, and I certainly get a piece of “the message” from many.
I have been blessed by people who do give feedback, and by many who refer others to me. I am in the gratitude mode constantly for this. I openly ask for your help to allow me to do more of what I do well.
Thanks for healing me, and thanks for the trust you place in me.
Now, who heals you? Do you allow healing to happen?

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Certified Addictions and Life Coach, Personal and private counselling