Is it always difficult for a wholesaler to look at competitors? This is not so, it is only painful to look at the competitors when they are doing much better in business than you. Is wholesale business a war in which you are feeling defeated? Suffering economy has made so where winning customers and marching ahead is extremely important for the success of your business. “Survival of the fittest” theory actually works in this scenario. Adapting according to the changing environment can help you survive and for this, you can learn from successful competitors. You can look at your competitors for motivation, to figure out their future strategies and how they are targeting market. After analyzing what is working and what is not working, use your strategic intelligence to accelerate your performance.

There are few different ways to analyze the competition in wholesale business.

1. View the wholesale business of your competitors and notice what kinds of products they have sold successfully. Are they offering a different variety of products within same category or they are using different pricing strategy? Who are their suppliers and what kind of quality they are delivering ahead at the given price? Look at the list of products which they are selling and evaluate it on the above mentioned queries and take notes to improve your business.

2. If you are running an online wholesale business then take help from search engines to enhance your performance. Use Google’s advanced search feature and search the keywords against the wholesale products category in which you are dealing. Go through the results carefully and take notes on how your competitors are taking advantage of these keywords to promote their online wholesale businesses. Although the search is quite tiresome but there is no shortcut to success.

3. Analyze the current trends in market and see what kind of changes your competitors are bringing in their offerings. Which wholesaler seems to be successful either the one having current knowledge about the market or the one who does not understand the core needs of his customers? How are your competitors taking advantage of seasonal changes, upcoming events and occasions in the year to enhance their sales? Keeping your inventory filled with the stocks that are according to the time can bring big difference to your wholesale business.

4. The fourth search strategy is to use market research services. These services allow you to specify statistical data based on average sales quantity and average sales prices of chosen products and wholesalers. Develop your sales strategy after analyzing. Bring creativity and innovation in your offerings and place yourself at a better position than your competitors by trying and gathering information on their suppliers. Do not just improve your products but improve your services as well to discover more interactive ways to engage customers and get feedback.

Once you have developed a list of tactics based on the above mentioned analysis, try them to get the biggest advantage for your wholesale business. These tips will surely work best for increased sales of your products and the profit too.

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William King is the director of Wholesale Suppliers:, Wholesale Supplies: and Wholesalers: He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.