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Experience the best test series for the Chartered Accountancy profession for all over India students and get evaluation and guidance by the most experienced faculty of the Chartered profession. Every year CA series has proven to be the most effective test series as per student results and reviews. Every year CA series has All India Rank of CA students. The use of exam series is becoming increasingly beneficial to all pupils. For CA candidates, the most challenging aspect of passing the tests is covering the material, which is rather extensive given the amount of time they have. Students can use test series to determine whether they are missing anything in the subject they have been studying and to feel completely secure and assured about their preparedness. We will analyze your sheet by experienced faculty to provide you an analysis about your preparation, whether it is presentation or conceptual clarity, and you may revise and test practice at the same time. Within 48 hours, you will receive your test report.

The exam plans are separated into six categories, and students can choose from any of them to practice with. The extensive and unscheduled test series is the most popular, since it includes chapter-by-chapter combination tests as well as the entire curriculum. Other options include one chapter one exam, which includes single-chapter tests, and a whole syllabus at the conclusion for thorough testing of your preparedness. Then there’s either one complete syllabus test or two full syllabus tests, as well as a fast-track series in which you get two chapter-by-chapter 80-point tests and one whole syllabus. These assessments are created in such a manner that all students who choose to participate in them will profit to the fullest extent possible. The ca faculty is in charge of checking and creating tests for the applicants.


The exam is simple to do; all you have to do is download the test, take it on paper, and then click the test’s photographs to submit it. The examination will take around 48 hours. Following the evaluation, you will be able to access the custom-built doubt portal, where you will be able to communicate directly with the CA faculty to discuss your concerns and obtain clarification. The added benefits will cover all aspects of your preparation because we give all of the required materials for pupils.
The 45-day schedule is a well-organized technique that may help you finish around 70% of the syllabus in 45 days, including all of the major topics that must be covered first. Revision notes and multiple-choice questions are also provided so that you may practice before taking the test. All students are given the top 50 questions as a last-minute review of the most critical questions.

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