If you want to sell something on eBay and once you are done with the selection of the payment methods of Wholesale Suppliers, the next thing you need to understand is the shipping services, shipping methods and shipping techniques. First of all, you should know eBay partners with three major shipping carriers, which are FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS) and United States Postal Service (USPS). EBay has integrated the services of these three shipping carriers with its own website to offer full services to its buyers and sellers. Among them the most popular is UPS. It is popular due to the great number of facilitations and discounts it offers to its users. Let’s discuss this service in detail.
UPS Shipping Service and its Benefits:
Using UPS is a very good option as it is renowned worldwide for its quality of services. However, UPS is costly for smaller items but is reasonable for heavier and larger packages. On eBay, UPS offers various shipping options; sellers just have to choose the service that suits them best. The following are the services provided by UPS for national delivery.
1. UPS Ground is the lowest cost option available and delivers products within five business days. It is a good option for those wholesale suppliers, who deliver medium to large size packages.
2. UPS 3 day is little costly than UPS ground and delivers products in three business days.
3. UPS 2-day by Air is most costly because all packages are delivered through air cargo. Delivery of products is made within two days.
4. UPS next day Air Saver is quite expensive and is totally unaffordable by most of the eBay sellers. This service is only used when buyer agrees to pay for shipment charges. In it, the package is delivered on the very next day.
5. UPS next day Air is the most costly option as it delivers most of the products by 10 am on the next day. This option is rarely adopted due to high price. If the buyer is in urgent need of products then he prefers this service.
Following are the international shipping services provided by UPS through eBay.
1. UPS worldwide Express Plus is the most expensive service for international shipping as it delivers all products by 9 am with in one to three working days.
2. The delivery by noon UPS Worldwide Express takes between one to three days.
3. For delivery by the end of day with one to three days, UPS Worldwide Saver is the best.
4. UPS worldwide Expedited is a low cost option for international delivery.
The benefit of using UPS through eBay is that UPS offers discount offers to eBay sellers through its UPS special pricing program. Many other wholesale Manufacturers and wholesalers also prefer this service due to its discount offers. Up to 23% discount is available for UPS ground, 32% discount for air shipments and 25 % discount for international shipments. Remember that you can easily avail higher discounts if you are a power seller on eBay.

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