“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Henry David Thoreau

Indeed, we have immense potential within us. If we set our hearts on achieving something, we can always do it. However, the biggest journey is not reaching your destination rather it is the journey of convincing your own self that you can do it. You need to know who you truly are and what you can achieve. The day when you can see your own talent and your own potential, no task will be too big to achieve.

How Can You See Your Potential?

There are a lot of ways that can help you out; however, one of the best ways of finding the mirror that can reflect your inner worth is to opt for intuition. The word “intuition” is derived from the Latin word, “intueir” which means looking inside or contemplating.

So, it is only when you dive inside your own conscience and explore some of the hidden answers that you will be able to unravel the real power. The power of intuition cannot be measured by any sciences or any other instruments however, you can feel the immense influence that it has.

Albert Einstein once famously remarked, “The only valuable thing is intuition”. There is no questioning the ideas and themes of Einstein. If he did not believe in intuition, he might have never figured out the talent and potential that he had in him.

So, one of the keys to seeing your own potential and to discover the power that lies inside of you is to engage in intuition.

How To Become Intuitive?

Right now, you might be wondering as to how you can get intuitive and set out to conquer the journey within. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to learn the art of intuition and thereby find out your inner self and tap the huge potential that is lying latent and unused.

• Sit In Silence
It is extremely important to sit in silence for a few moments every day. When you are intuiting, you cannot do it in a crowded space. You need to have a secluded atmosphere because the journey within requires all your attention and focus. So, you should learn to sit in silence and appreciate the time. if you get restless, it is not going to serve your purpose. During these moments, you need to explore the depth of your own mind. It is not going to be an easy thing as initially, you will find it hard to block all thoughts. However, with time, your precision and efficiency can increase. When you are sitting in silence, you should think and reflect about life in general. Do not think of your personal incidents but look from the view point of a philosopher. What is the true meaning of life and how far are you living it? These thoughts help you unleash the power that lies within.

Meditation and intuiting are linked at a very deep level. Meditation also works on the mind and so does intuition. So, you should engage in such thoughts and spend time on meditation as it can serve you a lot of benefits.

• Self Introspection
You should always spend an hour on self introspection. The true meaning of self introspection is to analyze the different aspects of your life. It is a true critique’s take. You do not need to blame yourself or appreciate yourself for every deed. However, you should measure up the things you have done and the things you could have done. This helps in assessing who you truly are and who you are because of your inhibitions. It is one of the keys to excelling in intuition.

How Do I Travel Within?

It is through intuition that you can travel inside your own soul and get all the answers that you have been seeking so far. Remember, there is no such thing as “impossible”. We have it in us to break the toughest shackles and climb the highest mountains. All you need to do is have the belief that you are beyond failure. So, in order to do this, you need to see yourself in this light.

When you are intuitive, you would open up to a world of possibilities and you would realize that the battles of life are all mind games. At the same time, it makes a person reflective, philosophical and spiritual because it wipes away negative thoughts. You do not need to be a saint in order to be intuitive but your thoughts would be coherent and you would be able to solve a lot of mysteries of life.

So, march out for the journey inside your soul so that you can be the mirror who would reflect your own abilities. Remember, the greatest achievement is life is being who you can be.

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My name is Mulyadi Kurnia. I am a practitioner of meditation and yoga and has been experiencing the benefits of the practices. Having gone through the periods of stress and anxiety myself, I know first hand of how unpleasant this experience could be. Through this article, I intend to share my knowledge and experience on stress-related and wellness topics. Do you like to find out more? Visit our website at http://www.stopstressandanxiety.com.