All successful people write down their goals. Goals are like a road map or business plan for your life that you constantly change and update as your life progresses. Once you achieve one goal you set the next, and you will be amazed when you look back just how many of your goals you have achieved.

Somehow our minds respond to what we write down, and even without thinking about it our sub-conscious mind triggers us to take the actions to achieve the goals.

A study of a Harvard class showed that 10 years later the ones that had written down goals were extremely successful when compared with those who had no written goals.

You should have a clear definition of the life you want. There are 3 key things that everyone wants and what you should consider when developing your goals Health/Relationship/Wealth. Life should be a balance.

Make the decision to have goals, be committed to the goals you choose, have a strategic action plan and be accountable for taking action towards them. Allow for and manage variances (things that take you off track either positive or negative)

Writing Down your goals:
1. Write down the 20 or more things that you would like to have in your life in the next five years if there were no restrictions – just write the first things that come to your mind however ridiculous you might think they are for you to achieve. You can fine tune them later.

2. Take them one at a time and determine the order of priority 1-20 or more so the ones most important to you are at the top.

3. Now take the time to clarify in detail each of your top10 goals as clearly as possible by filling in as much detail and information as you can on each goal to the point where you can actually visualize them.

4. Then set a time frame in which you would like to achieve each of the 10 goals based on 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-1 year, 1-3 years and 3-5 years.

5. Once you have these top 10 defined clearly and with a time frame then determine on a scale of 0- 9 where you feel you are with that particular goal – obviously if you haven’t done anything towards it would be a 0 and if you are just about to reach your goal it would be a 9. 10 means you have reached the goal. Anything over a 7 would mean you are well on your way to achieving that goal.

6. To further assist with your process and for reinforcement write a statement as if you had already achieved or are achieving each goal.
i.e. I am in the process of becoming wealthy
I have a luxury car

7. Now taking those same 10 goals and the scoring, determine any small steps you can take each day to reach the next level – the key here is to take action however small each day to move you to the next level.

Tip: If you are stuck with how to move forward with any of your goals, try this backwards method. Start each goal with the end result, and then draw a set of stairs as your guide and take small steps backwards. Mark each step backwards with where you feel you should be on that step from where you feel you would be on the next step up. If you do this right back to where your goal is currently, this will then give you an effective guideline on what your next actions should be to move you forward.

8. Determine to take at least one small action each day on each of the 10 goals. Persistence and determination are key. Focus on a straight line process to achieve your goals, don’t get side tracked with obstacles.

9. Carry action notes around with you with as a reminder to take action on them during that day. Put energy into your actions, and determine to be persistent and keep trying until you reach each goal.

10. Do this consistently every day, and be persistent in taking some small actions every day and you will be amazed at just how fast your goals will be achieved.

11. Even if you miss a few days of action – once you have written down your goals your sub-conscious mind takes over and you will find yourself doing things to achieve your goals without even realizing it.

12. As you reach a 10 score on any of the goals congratulate yourself on reaching your goal, and add an additional goal from your original list one at a time up to the top 10. Define and score each new goal added to your top 10 list as you move them up.

13. Add new goals to your list so you always have at least 20 on your list, 10 clearly defined and scored at the top and the others ready to move up as you achieve the ones in the top 10.

14. If you determine any of your new goals should be prioritized to your top 10 move them up and move the bottom one in your top 10 to 11 until you have achieved another goal. This way you are always working on 10 goals. Anything more than this becomes hard to manage and focus on.

If you follow this process you will be amazed at how fast and how many of your goals with be achieved. Taking action steps however small every day is the key. It helps to tell people about your goals and if you have someone who can hold you accountable.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Avril Betts, I am originally from England and now a Canadian Citizen, I have over 25 years experience in all aspects of Travel and Tourism, including running an online agency for over 13 years. I holds a CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator) an internationally recognized accreditation and in 1996 hosted the president’s wives luncheon for the G7 conference.

I have co-chaired Atlantic Canada Showcase an International Travel Trade Show, managed 450 volunteers for the Tall Ships Visit in July 2000, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia. In 1988 I founded the Country Inn Association in Nova Scotia still going strong today. I have been involved in numerous Travel and Tourism volunteer activities throughout Atlantic Canada and across Canada.

As an experienced speaker I have spoken and presented seminars to large and small audiences for many years on subjects ranging from Marketing and Sales and Life Skills to Tourism, Travel and Real Estate, and operating an online Travel business.

As a recognized tourism expert I am accustomed to working with tourists and passing on my knowledge of the various destinations to help them make the most of their vacations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or travel inquiries.