Back pain is a commonplace problem and afflicts just about every one of us. One of the ways to avoid or overcome back pain is to maintain the recommended posture in one's everyday activities.

Just like at home, while driving or even outdoors, one must try and make sure that he maintains the right posture at his office or workplace. Sitting in the office chairs for prolonged durations is one of the key reasons that lead to a backache, or even worsen the existing backache. This is mainly because when one is seated in the office chair, he has a static posture, and the same can lead to stress in back, legs shoulders and arms.

So when one is seated in the office chair, it is recommendable that one maintains the right posture, and the same can go a long way in ensuring that one avoids a backache. People sometimes tend to slouch over while seated in the office chair, but this can put some excessive strain in the discs and structures surrounding the spine, and correspondingly worsen the back pain.

So when using the office chair, one must try and make sure that one makes the optimum use of the back support. And one must adjust the chair to match his own body requirements, as this would not just make one more comfortable, but also ensure that there is lesser discomfort in the spine.

This could start by setting the office chair to the appropriate height, and the same would depend largely on an individual's height, and also the height of the desk. You must adjust the height of the office chair such that when you are seated at your workstation with your arms parallel to your spine; the elbow should rest at the desk at an angle of 90o. Similarly, as one is seated at the desk, one must be able to easily slide his fingers under the thighs. If such is not the case, one could use a footrest, and that would make the workstation more ergonomic. Alternately, if one is exceptionally tall and there is a more than a finger's gap between one's thighs and the chair, one must raise the height of the chair to make the adjustments accordingly.

Lower back support is also extremely important for making sure that one is comfortable in the office chair, and correspondingly preventing a backache. One could keep a cushion to support the lower back, and while this would slightly arch the lower back, it would also ensure that one doesn't slouches forward if one feels tired over time. Slouching forward can cause a backache, as this stresses the spine, and even the lumbar discs.

The computer screen too should be placed in a way that your gaze falls right on the centre of the screen, and this would minimize the strain on the back. In the same way, the armrest of one's office chair should be adjusted such that as you rest your elbows on the armrest, it lifts your shoulders slightly. While this would make the upper back comfortable, it would also reduce the chances of slouching forward while working at one's desk.

Even if one uses a very comfortable office chair, prolonged sitting in the same position can be stressful for the spine. It is invariably better to walk for at least a couple of minutes every half an hour. Similarly, if one could take a twenty minute walk every once in a while, it would bring the important nutrients to the spine and facilitate better spinal health.

Decompression Back Belt is a tremendous innovation, which decompresses your lower back to provide relief from discomfort and facilitate healing. One just needs to put on the Decompression Belt, and as you go on inflating it, the spine is decompressed, the space between the vertebrae opens up and the pain disappears.

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