Many times, especially when first learning about the law of attraction, we are told something along the lines of "just meditate, visualize, and feel good and everything you want will just fall out of the sky!" Well let me tell you as someone naive enough to have believed that it is not true. Yes meditating, visualizing, and feeling good are all key components to making the law of attraction work for you- all necessary components- but there is one big key that is often times left out and that's taking action. Read on to find out my easy 4 step process for manifesting and attracting whatever you want (and yes taking action is one of them).

Step #1: Get crystal clear on what you want and focus, focus, focus!
This part is simple but not always easy. If you already know what you want perfect! Get out a sheet of paper and write it down. Don't skip this part- there is real magic in not only knowing what you want but writing it down. If, however, you are someone who doesn't know exactly what you want then ask yourself "what is it I DON'T want?" and then write down the opposite of that. So "I don't want to be fat" would then be "I want to be healthy and slim". Do this for all the main areas of your life- relationships, work, financial, spiritual, and physical- and carry this piece of paper with you every where, reading and focusing on it as often as you can. Focus is another big key; you MUST get used to focusing on what it is you do want and forget about whatever it is you don't want- a crucial step in making the law of attraction work for you! Remember energy flows where attention goes.

Step #2: Get Happy!
This one's easy: feel good as often as possible for no other reason then to feel good! I know what you might be saying: easier said than done Vania! And to that I say "I know, believe me I do, but I have some questions for you: how important is your life to you? how badly do you want what you say you want?" The answer to these questions will let you know how committed you will be to this step because it cannot be skipped. Feeling good = attracting good. Period. So for those of you who still really don't know what you want then make it your mission to just feel good as often as possible. Do whatever it takes! Meditate, journal, exercise, eat healthy, connect with friends/family, dance, etc. Just do things that make you feel truly happy. One thing to remember: do things that will make you HAPPY, not just give you momentary bursts of pleasure that die down quickly and often times leave you feeling worse than before, such as shopping with credit cards, indulging too much on sugary or fatty foods, drinking, etc. These things might be okay occasionally in very small doses but never really make you happy. You know what will bring lasting happiness and what won't so don't tell yourself rational lies (rationalize) just to "get high".

Step #3: Detach from the outcome
Okay I will freely admit this one can be tough! You REALLY want that soulmate, that ideal job/career, that financial windfall, so you should just...let go of it?? Well, yes! I know it sounds completely counterintuitive but detaching from your desired outcome and just being happy now (see step #2 =) are the fastest ways to get what you want. It's like this: when you desperately want something you've entered the zone of neediness and there's nothing that repels the energy of the universe like neediness. You will just end up feeling needier and needier. However, whenever you feel happy, right here and now, without wanting to change a thing the universe immediately wants to give you whatever it is you want. So just how do you detach from your desires? One word: faith. You must flex your faith muscles and know without a shadow of a doubt that what you want WILL happen but you don't need it to because you're happy with things as they are right now. If not happy, then at least be in a state of acceptance. I know, like I said this is not always easy but it is necessary so start flexing those faith muscles asap!

Step #4: Take inspired action!!
This step is extremely important and in my opinion not emphasized nearly enough in many law of attraction books and programs. You must get out there and act!! Period. If you want that ideal job, yes definitely visualize and align your energy with that job first but then get out there and apply for as many jobs as possible non-stop- even the ones that aren't so ideal. Polish and perfect your resume. Ask friends and family for help. Ask your boss or ex-bosses for letters of recommendation. Just do whatever it takes to get that job! As Mike Dooley of "The Secret" says in his book (which I highly recommend by the way!) "Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic" you must get out into the universe and engage the magic! You cannot just sit at home wishing and praying for things to just happen, you must act. When your intuition tells you to do something or go somewhere even if it doesn't make much sense now act on it immediately! This is also the difference between forced action and inspired action. Action that comes from inspiration (i.e. your intuition, higher self, etc.) is inspired action. However, I will also say that sometimes forced action is helpful too. Sometimes you really don't want to workout but you do it anyway because of the great results you know it gives you. That was forced but really how often do you regret working out? So like I said, visualize, affirm, align yourself with the energy of your goal/desire and then act, act, act!!

Bonus step: Never, ever give up!!
This is a bonus step but it is a must when manifesting what you want. Make this promise to yourself right here and now, out loud if you can: "I, (state your full name), promise myself that no matter what it takes I am committed to making my dreams a reality! I will never give up on myself no matter what! I may "fail" a bunch of times but I will always get up, learn from my mistakes, do better next time, and just KEEP GOING!! I AM achieving all of my goals! It is done, it is done, it is done!!" Woo-hoo! Doesn't that feel good? You can say this to yourself every morning and night to keep yourself motivated.

Now get to it and please leave a comment and share with me all the great successes you're experiencing. Until next time just are magnificent!

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