Creating a vision board is one of the most creative ways to help you achieve your goals in life. This brief article will teach you the steps in creating a vision board to help you realize the life you've always dreamed of. But before you know these steps, know first the purpose of a vision board and what it is all about.

Vision board is also called a visual explorer, treasure map or creativity collage. It is a collection of different photos that symbolizes all the things you want to achieve in all the aspects of your life.

You can get from old magazines different pictures that you want to include to create your vision board. To give you more vision board ideas, here are amazing simple steps you can follow:

Step #1: Collect all the materials you need. You can get all the things you will put in your vision board at home. You do not have to spend a dollar. Here is a list of materials you will need:

- Poster board

- Several glossy magazines (You can ask from your family and friends if they have stacks of magazines that they can share to you.)

- Paste or glue (Choose carefully the brand you will use because some can ripple the magazines.)

- Colored felt tip pens

- Other decorative stuff (sequins, beads, strings paper clips)

Step #2: Before you start, you have to first create your vision in your mind. It is highly advisable to look for a place where you can sit quietly and ponder on what you want in life.

Think of all the things that you desire to happen in your career, family, love and in all the aspects of your life. This is a good exercise to give you a chance to organize your thoughts and have a clear vision of what you want. You can put on music to inspire you more.

Step #3: Now that you have ideas in mind, browse through the different magazines. Cut out the pictures, statements, words or just even letters that catch your attention. Unleash your creativity and have fun choosing the pictures. At this point, just stack up the photos. No gluing yet.

Step #4: Lay down all the cut out pictures on your board. You might want to have a theme in each part of your vision board, for instance, your relationships, your health, spirituality and job.

Step #5: It's time to start gluing the pictures. You can add other decorative stuff such as beads, strings and colored papers to make it more pleasing to your eyes. You can put words and statements using colorful felt tip pens. You can also put at the center a picture of you. Choose a picture where you look happy.

Now that you are done, hang it in your bedroom or anywhere in your home where you can see it everyday

Follow the above steps to creating a vision board today and help yourself achieve all your goals in life.

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Personal Success, Happiness and prosperity can all be yours when you focus your mind on having and achieving it. Creating a vision board is a very powerful tool to help you achieve your desires. Discover the secrets to becoming an effortless creator through the incredible power of creative visualization.