Jocko Willink

His achievements are quite enormous, having been awarded the NEC 52266 combat swimmer award while in the US navy. When he later retired from the army, together with Babin, they formed a leadership consultancy firm tailored to meet individual as well as organizational needs.

Willink has been on the limelight because of his food recommendation, which is quite controversial. He further states people should stick to an ancient food that can be likened to that of hunters and gatherers in the earlier days before modernization. The paleo food, as referred by Willink, comprises seeds, vegetables, fruits, fish, and lean meats. He also says humans can starve for a duration of up to 30 days. To put icing onto the cake, he frequently fasts for three days every three months.

Alessandro Michelle

He built a name in the fashion design arena that saw him appointed a creative director at Gucci. He has risen to the rank of a global brand image director at the same company. Among many more achievements, Michelle has bagged several awards due to his immense contribution to the world of design. One notable award is the international designer of the year award. Also, the year 2016 was a good one for Alessandro since he was the overall winner of the International Award at the council of fashion designers.

Dr. Gundry

Dr.Steven Gundry has been adversely mentioned for castigating fears of dangers towards the consumption of several foods widely considered healthy. In his thesis, he says lectins a plant protein causes inflammatory effects to the gut. The controversial arguments have raised a lot of eyebrows among many people across the globe. Beliefs he portrays that there are high chances of reducing weight as well as an illness when you eliminate a lectin-rich nurishment from your menu.

Another thing is that people should occasionally fast or starve to allow the gut to heal. Further, our bodies should be given time to process food since it is of great help to our food. The argument is backed up by a theory that people who lived in earlier years did not have supermarkets where they would keep buying foods when the supply ran out. There has been a lot of opposition from other scientists who have termed his ideologies as pseudoscience, implying no scientific backup for his thoughts and perceptions.

Corey Wayne

Corey is American-based wellness and life coach, widely known for his powerful and inspirational talks, informative materials, and supplements. Some of the notable discussions are about taking men through a successful process of meeting and relation with the lady you feel attached to. Equally, teachings on how to get your lover back in case you have differed. Before the life coach career, he was a construction manager in Florida.

Alex Becker

Alex came to the limelight, having founded 'Market hero,' an email marketing platform for businesses. Further, he started 'source wave,' an SEO company. He is immensely involved in business with a critical interest in the online space and equally doubles as a renowned author.
Every famous person has toiled their way to being successful. They all started somewhere. Notably, Dr. Steven Gundry has been fielded with lots of controversies in the world of information and critics!

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