Bajrang Bali is an ideal devotee of Lord Ram. Through innumerable incidents in Indian mythology, we can find that all his actions were oriented towards pleasing Sri Ram.

Pawanputra Hanuman is an endless source of wisdom and might. In the grand epic of Ramayana, he built bridges, fought demons and flew all across the country to get the life saving Sanjivani Booti for Laxman.

When he found Seeta Mata in Lanka, he delivered the message of Sri Ram to her, and also warned the demon king Ravan to return Seeta Mata to Lord Ram, or be prepared for an encounter.

But the most characteristic part of the entire episode was that Bajrang Bali never expected anything in return. His service towards Lord Ram was selfless, and oriented towards the purpose of a greater good.

Lord Hanuman had a special place in the heart of Sri Ram, and his devotion towards the Lord was profound.

To the Pawanputra, everything without Sri Ram was purposeless. When Sri Ram and Seeta Mata returned to Ayodhya after battle of Lanka, Seeta Mata presented Lord Hanuman with a necklace of pearls, but he started breaking the pearls because he couldn't find the name of Sri Ram on the pearls.

When Seeta Mata asked the Pawanputra why he had done so, he tore his chest with his nails and showed the name of Sri Ram on his heart.

There is a story that exemplifies Bajrang Bali's devotion towards Lord Ram, and the power that the same infused within him.

Once, the sages got into an argument about the most powerful deity among Gods and could not reach a conclusion. When they requested Narad Muni for a resolution, he asked for a little time.

Narad Muni asked Hanuman ji to help him, and Pawanputra agreed.

He told Bajrang Bali that you must create so much mischief before the sages, that they ask Lord Ram to punish you. Prabhu Hanuman accepted to the idea, and the sages were totally enraged with the mischief that he created.

Lord Ram's guru told him that for the mischief that deity Hanuman created, he must be punished. And Lord Ram must aim his mighty arrows at Lord Hanuman to teach him a lesson.

Sri Ram was heartbroken, but was completely obedient towards his guru. Each of the sages, along with Lord Ram, Narad Muni and Lord Hanuman were at the river when the next day dawned. With unexplainable pain in the heart, Lord Ram pointed arrows at Lord Hanuman and let go.

Lord Hanuman was without fear and with closed eyes and bowed head, was chanting Lord Ram's name with full devotion. The arrow reached Lord Hanuman, but at the last moment, it changed direction and fell at his feet.

Each of the powerful arrows aimed at Hanuman ji missed him and went in different directions. The incident cleared all doubts that the sages were harboring, and exemplifies the power that the Lord's name has over us and in our lives.

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