Am I clairvoyant? by Rosemary Price psychic.

Most days I get emails from people, most of them women, who claim they know they are clairvoyant / a medium / a great tarot reader, astrologer or something else which is similar. How do they know this? Because it suits them to believe it. Maybe they have done a few "readings" for people they know and told them what they want to hear, maybe they have done a few "readings" for people and the people were scared to tell them they were not satisfied with them. None of this proves they really are a psychic! It is only when proper experts have confirmed it that you can be sure it is true. Forget the so called James Randi test where many say that no clairvoyant asked to be tested in a bid to win the million dollar challenge. You can be tested without travelling and giving up weeks of your life, without spending a penny.

Most of us can claim we know we are a little bit intuitive. We are all born with a basic ability to feel things and know things that are beyond normal understanding, perhaps you have seen a ghost and are a medium, perhaps you hear voices, things we know through gut feelings and which we cannot work out scientifically or logically.
Very few of us take this further and treat this seriously enough to invest time and effort into turning it into more. Normal day to day life tends takes over. The average woman is probably too busy falling in love, working full time somewhere or having kids to spend a lot of time on this, especially if they do not see themselves doing it full time and being financially rewarded for all of that time and effort. Even the kindest, nicest and most generous of women will ask themselves how they can afford to do that instead of going to college or learning a proper skill with a proper wage. And as we all know psychics get a raw deal where people say they are out of order if they charge for their skills and time.

To be sure that you are really a clairvoyant and psychic be tested by experts. Not a boyfriend, family members or friends, but people who know the subject and are honest with you.
And care enough about your clients to step down and forget the idea of offering "readings" to strangers if you fail those tests.

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Rosemary Price offering to help the general public as a relationship expert and psychic for more than 40 years.