A client recently sent me an email wishing me "a little magic in my day". Just accepting that thought into my heart allowed me to find some magic in that day. Unknown to my client he had sent his email on the first anniversary of my mother's passing.

As I began my day, I had wondered if it would be a difficult day with lots of sad thoughts coming my way. The thought in this email allowed me to see things differently and what came... all-be-it with some sadness... were thoughts around the "magic" of her passing.

One story was of her last peaceful breath upon our closing of the family picture album my sister and I had just shared while sitting at the side of her bed

Mother was sleeping but we know that even in a coma people can hear; it is the last sense to go. Thus we shared the album by her side where she could hear all the stories that went with each picture. The hospice nurse had visited us earlier in the afternoon and declared that it would be at least 24 hours before Mother might pass. His prediction was based on the observation that her breathing was still fairly regular. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and before we looked at the photo album we had declared that this was probably a night where we should stay with her.

Mother never wanted to "put anyone out". She went out of her way to not ask for help and while she was ever so grateful when anyone did something special for her, she would do everything in her power to not burden others. Part of the magic I found in this story was that even on her last day on Earth, she chose to not burden us with a night of sleeping in chairs! Another bit of magic I felt was that she did not struggle with her passing. Her breathing was slow and steady... and then she was no longer with us. When I called the hospice nurse to come back to her room, he thought she must be in a coma and that we were mistaken. Mother passed as she lived, a blessing to all around her.

The second story was the warning she gave to my sister and me the day before she passed. Kathy and I walked into her room early in the morning. She was awake and we walked over to give her a hug and visit for a moment. She looked up at us with her big beautiful eyes smiled and said, "Now you girls go on and take care of your business, but be careful!"

One week later, Kathy had flown home. She had a strong feeling that she needed to schedule a mammogram, as it had been 18 months since her last one. The mammogram and resulting biopsy revealed stage one breast cancer. The doctors shared that the tumor was so small it probably would not have shown up six months prior to this date and it would have possibly become stage 3 or 4 if she had waited six months longer.  Today she is cancer free and, of course, we believe it was the magic of Mother knowing to give us a warning right before she passed.

Some of you might not accept my stories as magic, and that is okay. It is a choice as to where we allow magic to appear. I believe we often tend to dismiss these things as part of our imagination or "story-making". For a moment, consider the choice of seeing the stories as "magic". What does it allow? In this case, it allows my sister and I to feel much gratitude for our Mother's actions and words. It allows us memories to treasure as we remember her passing.  These memories serve us with the peace and gratitude they bring. The alternative choice is to not see a meaning in the stories and to dwell on the grief that comes with losing your mother. I believe we create our reality by the meanings we make and the intentions we declare. I choose to allow a little magic in my day! What magic is appearing in your day?

Allowing magic comes more easily when our energy is flowing in Water or Air. If you want to allow openness into your being, shift the flow of your life energy back and down. If you desire more flexibility, shift the flow back and up. Either way, you are open to more possibilities... more choices.

"It is impossible for a person to learn what he thinks he already knows."

- Epictetus

Author's Bio: 

Carol Harris-Fike, ACC, NCOC
CHF Coaching and Consulting, LLC

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