Let me share a story with you. I suffered from severe pollen allergies for approximately 8 years. During that time, as the allergies worsened, they affected almost every part of my life, including work productivity, social life, ability to exercise and so on...

Eventually I noticed that I was actually looking forward to going to sleep every day, because it was only while I was sleeping that I actually found relief. I was waking up and not enjoying my life!

For a few years I tried everything I thought could help me, and I mean everything: antihistamines (both old and new generation), allergy tests, prescription medications, all sorts of supplements and also moving just to escape specific pollens.

None of this led to much success, except the actual moving, but even that didn't really work because in my new environment I eventually became allergic to new pollens.

Then I discovered that, actually, nothing would help me if I didn't change myself. My diet, my thoughts and my way of life. I realized this in the spring one year, on a very windy day with a very high pollen count. I was inside on the phone, discussing a possible business deal, and after having a positive exchange I went outside. Much to my surprise, even though it was probably the worst day of that particular spring for allergy sufferers, the fact that I was feeling better inside due, to the positive phone conversation, actually minimized the effects of the allergies! I actually felt very little discomfort.

It's the mind over matter idea.

For this reason I would say that it's very important to get your emotional state in good order. Ending toxic discussions and relationships and finding emotionally nourishing ones can actually spread out and impact every part of our lives, including, and perhaps especially, our health.

This is how I got into the health field. Eventually, I did find that two supplements had a significant impact on my allergies. I noticed that taking a high quality molecularly distilled fish oil supplement, rich in EPA and DHA, and a top-notch multivitamin designed specifically for my sex and age group gave my body what it needed to meet the challenges that it was facing.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in molecularly distilled fish oil capsules actually decrease the inflammatory response that comes with allergies and can be very effective at combating allergy symptoms. I also believe that the multivitamin I began to take, which has many superior ingredients not available in most multis, gave my cells the nourishment they needed to overcome my health problems.

So, in conclusion, I can assure you from personal experience, that it is possible to overcome allergies, no matter what your doctor tells you. I've been allergy-free for about three years now. All you have to do is change your lifestyle, have a more positive outlook on life and give your body the nourishing ingredients that it needs in order to combat the underlying causes of allergies.

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Sector rotator. Natural health and biophysics devotee. I enjoy mountaineering, baguazhang, learning interesting things and the music of Piazzolla.

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