I suffered from severe allergies for about eight years. Pollen allergies, food allergies, chemical allergies, you name it, I had it. During that time I tried everything, and I mean everything that I thought could have helped me. Over the years, I got wiser and wiser, and eventually I learned that although there is one supplement that is essential when treating allergies, namely, molecularly distilled fish oil capsules, there is no quick fix, no magic bullet for real, long-term allergy relief.

I realized the simple truth: that we cannot fix the problems that have been festering for years just by taking a pill, capsule or anything else promising salvation, quickly and easily. Nature doesn't work that way. We need a plan of action. And we need to follow through on it.

Well, I can happily say that after all these years I have no allergy symptoms left and I'm going to share with you two basic pieces of information you need to know before you begin an allergy-reduction program.

1. Allergies come from inside. The official line on pollen allergies is that they're caused by pollen. Once, when I was talking to an allergy and lung specialist, I asked her, what is it that makes my body react to the pollen? And why did it begin? Unfortunately, she had no answer. I knew then, intuitively, what I know now: That allergies are the reaction of an immune system in disarray and inflammation gone out of control. Fish oil capsules high in DHA and EPA can greatly reduce the inflammation and make us feel a lot better. It is up to you to fix yourself. Your entire self, mentally, physically and emotionally. First you have to realize this, then you can move towards health.

2. Take a top-quality, clean, molecularly distilled fish oil. I have tried a lot of supplements for allergies, and I can honestly say that nothing is as effective, when taken long-term, as a top-quality omega 3 fish oil. It is the one indispensable supplement everyone with allergies should be using. Every single day. My own experience proves it.

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Sector rotator. Natural health and biophysics devotee. I enjoy mountaineering, baguazhang, learning interesting things and the music of Piazzolla.

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