All you have is now.

That’s important to remember. All you really have is right now. Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is a far-away dream. A dream because you cannot reach it, touch it or taste it. It only exists in your memory. And, until we find a way of traveling back to the past, that’s all it will ever be – a dream.

Why do so many of us fail to realize all we have is right now? Because it’s easier to live in the past or our futures take so much of our planning time. The past is seductive because it is filled with memories of a younger, more hopeful you. You were smarter (you believe), you were more fit (which is probably true), and you had your whole life ahead of you. Days were longer, love was stronger and family and friendships really meant something in 'those' days.

Or, you have fond memories of when you were a star athlete, prom queen or star of your high school drama class. You can recall when your first child was born, what your husband looked like the day you got married or how your mom used to nurse you with chicken soup when you were ill. Many times we live in the past because, over time, our memories of it become rosier. We tend to remember the highlights and the good times. Far from your memories is how lonely you felt, or the days you were bored to tears. You only vaguely remember what it was like to be so anxious to grow up you would have traded your entire teenage period to have your first job and live in the real ‘world.’

The future, like the past, also has a hold on our attention. It seems so bright with promise – there are so many things you’re going to get to tomorrow. You’re going to start that diet, look for a new job, meet up with your friends (since you haven’t seen them in God knows how long) or try out that new restaurant. Or your days are so busy, you have to write out a to-do list to capture all you have to do. You could be so organized that your entire day is scheduled, from getting the kids up to making breakfast to getting to work on time, to meeting with new clients, to taking an out-of-town trip, to more and more, ad infinitum. You are one busy person.

And in the midst of all that nostalgia for the past and all that planning for the future, we miss out on what we actually hold in the palm of our hands – our entire life RIGHT NOW. With the advent of such books as ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and others, we are finally starting to realize our lives are fully lived in the right here and now. All those waiting-until-something-happen moments, the humdrum and boring days, the small talk with the neighbors and the lunch dates with your clients add up to your LIFE. This moment – right here, right now – while you are reading or listening to this book is your LIFE. Not the fly-ball you caught when you were 14, not your wedding day and not even the lunch date you have with your friend tomorrow. Those are moments that have passed or moments that are to come. Your entire life is right now. Make sure you live it to the fullest!

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