What is a Sheepadoodle?

A Sheepadoodle is a designer breed dog which is a mixture of an old English sheepdog with a standard poodle. Therefore if you looking for a companion dog for your home then Sheepadoodle makes a great family pet. They will wonderfully cooperate with your kids and with other dogs and animals. They are great with kids because they are very playful, energetic, and affectionate. There is not any kind of herding difficulties with Sheepadoodles; even as puppies they are very gentle with kids and do not jump or bite.

Features of Sheepadoodles

Well, this is now quit clear what is a Sheepadoodle now let’s dig into deep to know about its features.


You will mainly find a Sheepadoodle in black and white as puppies and the black may fade to silver when they grow old adult some stay blacker while others go grey. It is not sure whether the puppies will go grey or stay black. The sheepdogs almost always fade to grey, as the one male dog I have purchased is a black and white party going back multiple generations, so puppies could stay darker, but again, I cannot assure to color.


The F1b puppies that will have parents that weight around 55 pounds, so the puppies should be in the 60-70 pound range and a smaller standard poodle to a smaller Sheepadoodle male to get slightly smaller F1b puppies for those families that want a smaller dog (these would be less than 50 pounds). The other varieties like the toy and mini Sheepadoodles, can be smaller in size.


They are low to no shedding and hypoallergenic. Their coat can be anywhere from a curlier poodle class to straighter and fluffier as of the sheepdog one of my females has the more poodle and the other more sheepdog. They do require grooming to keep their coat in good shape, so if you don't want to do weekly brushing and periodic grooming

Various amazing features of Sheepadoodle can make you buy this breed right away.
• Very Friendly
• Easy to train
• Good listeners
• Hypoallergenic
• Awesome with kids
• Low/no shedding
• Good with other animals
• Loves nothing more than family

Puppy Buying Checklist

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before choosing the puppy you wish to bring into your home. Use the following checklist to ensure you are purchasing the right one to cuddle on your couch.

• Ask how much experience the breeder has with the breed of puppy you are choosing? Are they able to share the answer to all the questions you have?

• Have they explained all the pros and cons of the breed you are choosing? Every dog has some good and bad qualities, and this is up to the owner of the dog to make you aware of them.

• Has the breeder gave you a beginner kit? Many breeders offer their buyers a package when they purchase a puppy. This is the responsibility of the breeder to include instruction on the care of the dog, at least one dog care book for the particular breed you are purchasing. It should have the sample of the puppy meal that the puppy has been being fed, a list of supplies you will need for your puppy, and knowledge about obedience classes, dog trainers with experience in behavioral problems, and veterinarians in your city.

• Does the dog breeder have all the essential dog's documents in order? You and the breeder should have a deal that you both have the sign of agreement. Genuine and reputable breeders always follow all the documentation before handover the dog to you. All stipulations should be specified in the contract and explained to you so you fully understand what your responsibilities are.

• Be sure to check with the BBB or an equivalent business reviews websites ensure the breeder you are buying from is reputable.

• When a breeder brings you to see the puppies, check if puppy appears healthy and clean. Puppies should have bright eyes, a healthy-looking coat, clean ears, and no smell. They should be active and full of life.

• You need to ask the grower if the puppies have been de-wormed and vaccinated properly. If the veterinarian would have issued a report stating exactly what was done.

• Ask the breeder if the puppies have been checked for genetic diseases and health. Ask if the pups have been certified in the qualities.

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