There is no denying the fact that blackheads are the most annoying thing on your face. They immediately spoil the texture and glow on your skin and make your face look ugly. It won’t be wrong to term them as ‘scary’ and something that you would want to get rid of immediately but for most, it turns into a never-ending battle. Walk into a supermarket and you would find dozens of products that promise to banish blackheads. But if you have tried blackhead treatment in the past using these products or the many home remedies you hear about you are likely to take these promises with a pinch of salt.

If you have given up on your fight against blackheads due to the limited results of specific products you have tried so far there is good news for you. There is one treatment which has been trending in the recent years and delivered wonderful results to millions of women around the world. It is the use of face masks that have activated charcoal. While they may seem little ugly compared to other products you have tried activated charcoal masks and other products that have this as a key ingredient actually work wonders.

What are Blackheads?

To get started with an activated charcoal blackhead treatment and achieve desired results you first need to understand what they actually are. Blackheads appear as ugly bumps on the surface of your skin, especially around your nose. When there is clogging around the hair follicles on your skin these tiny black marks appear and tend to get prominent when you don’t take active measures. Pores develop on your skin and with time dead cells, oil and other pollutants that you are exposed to everyday start accumulating blackheads are formed. They often start as near invisible whiteheads and with time they change their color to black when exposed to air creating ugly marks on your face.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

You are well aware of what charcoal is and may want to know what activated charcoal is. To start with they aren’t like average charcoal that is used for barbeques but a medical grade product that can penetrate the tiniest pores in your skin and give you a deep cleansing effect. It goes deep into your skin and thanks to its absorption power absorbs all the chemicals, toxins and other impurities that result in blackheads on the surface of your skin.

This blackhead treatment is simple and you don’t need to visit an expert to get rid of these ugly marks on your face. All that you need to do is gently apply the mask like you have been doing in the past. Leave it on your skin for 10 minutes and when you rinse it off with water activated charcoal in the mask will pull out all the blackheads and leave behind a clean and glowing skin. Apart from helping you get rid of blackheads they also remove excess oil from the skin and also make you a few shades fairer upon regular use.

As we have said earlier it has benefitted millions of women and it is time you join this list.

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In this write-up, we discuss a wonderful blackhead treatment using the activated charcoal face mask that has benefitted millions of women around the world.