It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But a lot of apprehensions take over one's mind before finalizing upon a suitable match for oneself for marriage. One could be doubtful about compatibility, and may wonder if his interests, inclinations or preferences are in sync with those of his partner? And one wonders if he would get along well with his life partner?

Before a person enters into holy matrimony, it often crosses his mind that would his partner accept him as he is? And would his spouse oversee his faults? Would he cherish his life partner's company? And is it a relationship which is meant to last forever?

While one may be concerned about family environment at life partner's home, financial standing, employment, nature and interpersonal relationships of the spouse are some concerns one may have before choosing upon a life partner.


By aid of Vedic Astrology, you can resolve all queries associated with matchmaking, finding the right life partner, compatibility issues or any uncertainties that may be at the back of your mind. So you can be assured that you find the best match for yourself and figure out a life partner on whom you can rely on and count upon every moment of your life.

A consultation with expert astrologers well versed in Vedic Astrology would help you find the life partner of your dreams, who would stand by you through joys and sadness, success and failures, ups and downs in life. Alternately, you could also take the aid of Vedic Astrology for marital counseling regarding any issues that you may be facing in your married life.


Through Vedic Astrology, it is possible to facilitate accurate matchmaking and analysis services for your partner and yourself. So one could figure out whether planets and nakshatras, as in your birth chart are compatible with those of your partners'.


Matchmaking is broadly a 36 point analysis based upon a number of factors; and for compatibility, a minimum of 18 out of 36 points in the two birth charts must match. If at least 18 out of the 36 points match, then it shows a degree of compatibility between a girl & boy and we come to know about peace, harmony and understanding between the couple. This also tells us about moods & temperament in the relationship and overall strength of the marital bond.

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