Alexander Keith's Brewery – Nova Scotia Beer
It would be hard to find a Nova Scotian who doesn't know the name Alexander Keith. Alexander Keith founded a Canadian Brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1820 making it one of the oldest commercial breweries in North America. He emigrated from Scotland in 1817, and in addition to being a prominent businessman, a philanthropist, and one time Mayor of Halifax he served in the Nova Scotia legislature for 30 years.
The name is best recognized because of the beer that has been "brewed without compromise since 1820." The Brewery has been in operation in Nova Scotia since 1820 when he created the recipe. Today, one in every 3 beers sold in the Province is a Keith's.
The brewery became part of the Oland Brewery family in 1928, and the popularity of the beer continued to climb. Today, the brewery is under the control of Labatt, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, formerly Interbrew.
The brewery produces Keith's India Pale Ale, Red Amber Ale, Light Ale, and Dark Ale. The first, most popular, and most widely distributed beer is its India Pale Ale, currently the number one premium domestic beer in Canada.
In 1996 the beer was launched outside of Nova Scotia. Although managing the rules and regulations that go along with promoting the product outside of Nova Scotia has not been as smooth as the taste of the beer, the brewery continues to grow and prosper.
Alexander Keith's career as a politician, and the brewery's and Nova Scotia's Scottish heritage are used to market the beer. In 2002, Peter Kelly the Mayor of the Halifax Regional Municipality included an invitation to visit Halifax in each case of beer.
In support of people getting to know and coming to visit Nova Scotia the brewery displays the Nova Scotia flag on the Keith’s brand. The Province tends to be a lot like Alexander Keith's Beer - Those who like it, like it a lot.
After two centuries of only being available in Canada, the beer is now being sold in the United States.
The Keith’s Brewery located in the Brewery market in the heart of downtown Halifax has a perfect tour for all ages and for a true taste of Nova Scotia. The tour is interactive with Animators in period costume who lead you back in time as you learn about the history of the beer, the brewery and life in Halifax in 1863. Sip on a sample of beer at the Stag's Head Tavern while listening to toe tapping music, or playing games.

Tours run every half hour and are approx. 55 minutes in length. Well worth a visit if you are in Halifax.

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