Alcohol poisoning has come across as an issue of significant proportions, and just about anyone who drinks, is at risk. The risk factor is higher still for binge drinkers.

Mechanism of Alcohol Poisoning

There is a certain mechanism which is associated with alcohol poisoning; the liver then has to filter out alcohol from the bloodstream. Alcohol is absorbed by our bodies much faster than food, and so it reaches our bloodstream faster, but our bodies can process just about a unit of alcohol per hour. And in the same reference, a lot depends on one's age, sex and general health.

If you go for three units of alcohol in an hour, there would be two units in your bloodstream after the hour passes. If one drinks fast, the BAC, or the Body Alcohol Concentration becomes high. And if one drinks too fast, BAC can shoot up to dangerous levels. Consequently, an individual is at a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning when he consumes a higher amount of alcohol over a shorter period of time. With a higher BAC, physical functions are affected, and one could even pass out, or lose consciousness.

Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Some of the most immediate and visible consequences of excessive alcohol consumption reflect on the individual's body. With slowing down of brain functions, one may lose sense of balance. Irritation in the stomach could lead to vomiting, and as the reflexes have slowed down, one runs the risk of inhaling his vomit. This may even involve some severe effects, wherein breathing and heartbeat slow down or even halt.

With lowering of body temperature, one may suffer from hypothermia while lowering of sugar levels in the body could lead to seizures; each of these effects could be life threatening. One might pass out into coma, dehydration may lead to permanent brain damage, and alcohol poisoning is a situation that calls for immediate medical attention. Even when one stops drinking, BAC can keep rising for 30-40 minutes, and this could further worsen the symptoms. It is invariably recommendable to stop drinking before the situation worsens any further.

Alcohol Poisoning Calls for an Immediate Action

If you feel that someone around you is suffering from any symptoms of alcohol poisoning, you must take some due precautions. This is a scenario which can be dangerous, and even if you have doubts about someone being in such a situation, it is better to be on the safer side and get medical assistance or call an ambulance immediately.

Some of the common symptoms associated with alcohol poisoning that one must look out for as one gets professional medical assistance are hypothermia, wherein the body temperature drops. These symptoms also include losing consciousness or being stupor, wherein the individual is conscious but unresponsive. At times, an individual suffering from alcohol poisoning may be breathing slowly, might have an unusual breathing rhythm, or could even be vomiting. One runs a higher risk of having a heart attack in such a situation.

While Medical Assistance Arrives

While medical assistance arrives, one must try and keep the individual awake and in a sitting position, not lying down. If the person who is showing symptoms of alcohol poisoning is able to take some water, he must have some, and this would help him keep hydrated. One must avoid giving the patient coffee, as it would worsen the dehydration further. Similarly one must not make the patient walk and avoid making him lie on the back.

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