AiroMedical is an international online portal for booking medical and wellness tours worldwide. Thanks to the technical innovation underlying the concept of the AiroMedical portal, the medical tourism segment has been raised to an entirely new level of information technology.

The platform presents treatment programs from leading countries in the field of healthcare: Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Israel. Now users can choose independently, visually comparing the offers of clinics in different countries with the possibility of booking a wellness or medical program online.

Briefly about the benefits of treatment abroad
The US remains a recognized leader in medical care. The local hospitals are equipped with the most advanced and innovative equipment. Doctors have not only the most decadent experience in treating any illnesses but also modern therapy methods. But treatment in the US can be costly and, for many patients, not affordable.

Healthcare in Germany has a high level of organization and reliability. The entire medical care system in European hospitals corresponds to the quality of services provided in Germany. The differences are only in price: for example, in the UK, medical services are more expensive than in Germany, and in Poland and Italy – a little cheaper.

Israel. In the last few years, more and more patients prefer treatment there. And this is not surprising. Hospitals in Israel are equipped with the latest equipment. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed using innovative technologies and modern techniques. And the highest professionalism of doctors trained in the best hospitals in the US and Europe, and reasonable prices leave no doubt about choosing.

South Korea and Thailand uniquely combined modern achievements with ancient methods and practices. Doctors have learned to combine the most ancient forms of manual therapy and acupuncture with the latest methods of invasive surgical treatment. Thanks to these innovations, they have achieved unexpectedly high results in treating even such terrible diseases as cancer.

Way it works
Our website presents over 478 hospitals in Austria, Germany, India, Turkey, Thailand, Poland, Israel, and South Korea. Before posting on the website, the clinic undergoes a thorough check on the number of successful and safe operations, the level of equipment, the comfort of stay, and other indicators.

The website presents over 786 medical programs of the client's choice. These are basic and extended check-up programs, individual diagnosis in complex clinical cases, outpatient and inpatient treatment, and rehabilitation. Our goal is to enable patients from anywhere to independently choose a hospital online that offers the optimal medical program for them, see the prices, and order at the best one.
To make the most profitable decision for themselves, the patient and his relatives can study information about the clinic certificates, the achievements of the attending doctor, treatment methods, and the cost of services.

When choosing between several leading medical institutions, the patient can take advantage of the professional advice of our doctors. Thanks to the help of medical specialists of AiroMedical, more than 1036 patients have received the necessary treatment monthly, including innovative methods that are not available in their home country.

After choosing a medical program, we help obtain a visa for the patient and accompanying person, translate medical documents, and control the cost of medical services and household issues. Suppose the patient cannot come to another country for treatment. In that case, AiroMedical organizes an online consultation with the necessary specialist. Thus, patients can receive treatment plans or guidance on preparing for surgery without leaving home. Doctors abroad can review the results of preliminary examinations and give personalized recommendations by receiving medical statements through the electronic document management system.

In addition to helping patients, AiroMedical pays attention to developing the medical field and improving the quality of medical services worldwide. Our experts evaluate the resources of medical institutions and develop individual plans to improve their work.

We aim to make pricing and quality in the medical tourism market more transparent. We aim to offer patients from any country the chance to undergo treatments abroad comfortably.

Free audit as one of the advantages
One of our services is a free audit of any medical program. Your task is to send us acceptable prices for treatment abroad, the names of the doctors you wish to be treated with, and a list of services you expect to receive.

AiroMedical experts will decide within 24 hours whether your requirements are optimal. In case of non-compliance of your conditions with the pricing policy of the medical institution you have chosen, or vice versa, the level of the medical institution of the complexity of your medical problem, our specialists will offer their solution to your question. Either they will choose a hospital where the treatment cost is more acceptable, or they will recommend a medical institution with higher medical services.

So, what are the advantages of AiroMedical?
Economy. You save time and money; we organize your medical trip and choose a hospital and treatment program.
We guarantee the best treatment prices and a high level of healthcare.

Our specialists cooperate with the best hospitals worldwide directly. You do not overpay for the services of intermediaries and are protected from fraudsters.
We provide a vast selection of clinics and treatment programs.

Our experts delve deeply into your problem because they speak your language.
Why do you need to use the AiroMedical portal?
It is effortless to get confused with the many medical services available today. It is difficult for a person uninitiated in all the nuances of this issue to make the right choice not only in favor of the country or clinic but also of a specialist and a treatment plan abroad that meet his requirements and financial capabilities.

It is essential to remember that by visiting the AiroMedical portal, you can make your own choice in favor of any clinic offering treatment abroad for a reasonable fee and get advice from our doctors on the program and treatment regimen in your case.

Our website makes finding proper medical care abroad easy and transparent. Our experts will gladly assist you if you have any concerns about receiving treatment abroad. Visit our website and let us guide you toward the path of recovery.

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